Wednesday, 13 February 2008

366 Challenge

Challenge 366 originally was originally started by 2 Canadian girls. The 366 Challenge idea is that you take 366 photos in one year. Between 1 Jan 2008 and 31 Dec 2008. You have 366 themes to cover and you can do them in any order suitable for you.

I have taken up this challenge by Dogeared, who has come up with the particular list I am following. (you can view theme list in the left hand side column of my blog. The themes covered are in bold)

I joined the challenge on 13 Feb 2008, so in the beginning I will have a bit of catching up to do..

Why I am doing this then? Many years ago I used to relax by talking pictures. So, after a couple of baby years, I have taking this up. I also hope to learn about photography, and taking time to myself.

And most importantly. This will be about catching 366 moments of our 2008 life.

Update 1 Jan 2009: These were the themes that I covered during 2008:

A Big Thank You to Helen for all the support and encouragement, you have been outstanding! :)

1. Sparkle
7. Smile
9. Newspaper
13. Chocolate
14. Wooden
16. Handmade
22. Technology
27. Job
28. Mirror
29. Challenge
31. Boat
37. Blue
40. Bench
41. Time
43. Friend
46. Ironwork
47. Red
56. Magazine
57. Pop culture
61. View
62. Exotic
64. Collection
67. Eye (s)
68. Perfume
72. Dandelion
74. Bubbles
79. Desire
87. Precious
91. Lonely
93. Feminine
94. Post box
96. Reminder
102. Paint
104. Cake
111. Ball
115. Flag
121. Alcohol
123. Treasure
131. Cuddle
135. Surf
142. Shiny
146. Quirky
159. Gift
162. Keyhole
166. Balance
172. Black and white
176. Pattern
187. Broken
190. Farm yard
195. Icing
196. Fog
207. Fish
208. Sugar
213. Running
220. Bridge
221. North
222. Perfect
227. Blur
245. Leaf
247. Tradition
252. Doll
258. Ring
261. Gold
284. Glass
296. Rocket
298. Smudge
306. Jump
307. Pens
311. Rose
315. Knowledge
316. Apple
319. Hand
325. Toy
345. Pancake
363. Delicate


Dogeared said...

Oh yay! Another challenger :D Glad you've joined - I'm sure you'll soon catch up ;-)

The list is mine, and thank you for the credit! Could you change the two links in your post (and if there are any in your side panel) from my Blog (dogearedandfurry), to my PhotoBlog (dogearedphotos) please? It's at

Thank you! It's just that I've given the PhotoBlog link to work colleagues, but would prefer my personal Blog stay unknown, and I don't want them tracing my Blog back through other people's (it's unlikely I know, but I have heard of someone ranting on their Blog about work, and then they were found out and fired!)

Also, the original idea wasn't mine, I have to say. It was thought up by a group of Canadian girls, their Blog is here: (though it seems as though they've only posted one photo and given up, but who knows?). I'm sure this idea has been done before, and they aren't the first to think of it - but they are where I got the challenge from originally, so credit where credit's due ;-)

And I'm curious - how did you stumble on my Blog? If it's via the Photoshop forum, the Blog link is no-one's fault - originally I was going to use my personal Blog, and then I decided it would be better to set up a Blog just for my photos. But instead of asking the original poster to change their post, it was easier to ask people individually.

I look forward to seeing your photos though - and I don't think I've got any readers in Sweden, so you're the first! (that I know of, anyway ;-)). Another person to get to know, and another country too! Double bonus :D :D

Oh, do you want me to link to your Blog? I try to ask people first, just in case they try to keep a low profile too ;-)

Mia said...

Hi there! :)

I am very excited about joining you for this challenge. I have changed my links, so they all go to your photo blog. *I completely understand*

I found your challenge after some gooling, which made me stumble upon Linda's Blog and then on to your.

(That's how I ended up on your private blog's original challenge post and hence the linking there)

You are more than welcome to link to my blog, I will put up a list of fellow challengers as well.

Regarding credit for the challenge, my idea was that I'll link to your description and there the whole story is told. I have changed the text to suit crediting you.

See you!

Watson Family said...

What a cool idea!!!
I might try it on a different time though, I have trouble just doing my EFIT-challenges, and TuesdayThemes... I look forward to follow your take on this though, good luck!

Mia said...

Watsons: I thought you would like this one. I am very excited about this, now I just have go get my first 40 or so pictures, so I'll catch up with the other challengers..

Have a good day in Brunei!