Saturday, 30 August 2008

366 Challenge 178: Pattern

366 challenge: Pattern

Having had an amazingly nervwrecking August, I can now happily announce that we have somewhere to live from September 1st. I will spare you all the grotty details, but summed up our past month has been along the lines of : Desperately looking for houses, finding house, getting bid accepted on house. No landlord wants to sell it instead and pulls out. Finds new house, have lengthy bidding process with landlord, agrees a rent, pays deposit, landlord pulls out. Removal company put on hold again. Finds a 3rd house, put offer forward, which gets approved. Just as house problem seems solved and we have 1 week left before we leave for our new destination, the cat sitter turns into Evil Eddie and the cat loving writer, who begged us to let him keep the cat a 3weeks from now coldly lets us know that if we don't pick her up within 24h, he will leave her in a home for homeless cats and I am a terrible person even asking him to give us another week (which we already paid him for!), so we can drive down to Holland *from Sweden* to take a ferry to Newcastle and then drive to Edinburgh to pick our cat up. No, apparently I think the world only evolves around me. Desperately managed to find a cat loving lady, who are willing to take our cat on for another 2-3weeks *the whole drive/ferry idea isn't that appealing and since it will be too late for the writer to wait another week*, we manage to find someone to drive our cat to the lovely lady, who seems to be a wonderful woman.

So, in two days time, we have the key to our new house!! In one weeks time, I am hopefully happily unpacking 120removal boxes and a further week from that we will be rejoined with our cat again.

*pewph* as J puts it! We made it!!

The reason for this photo? I just love this photo, since I didn't know where to place it among the themes, I was thinking, it's probably the pattern of the turquoise lobster/crab trap against the backdrop of the boathouse.