Thursday, 28 February 2008

366 Challenge 68: Perfume

Yesterday I was walking around the flat (stuck at home with sick children) trying to find something to photograph. I thought I would have a go at the perfume theme.

Here is it balancing on the towel rail (to get the light from the only working spot light in our bathroom). A black wrap dress, hung to dry behind it, gives a shadow to the text on the perfume bottle. (When I removed it the photo went very bland.)

After a completely crappy day, it feels good to post something like this instead of a rant... Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day, we have a viewing booked in the morning *fingers crossed* it will be good!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

366 Challenge 162: Keyhole (also Ordlös Onsdag)

This is the keyhole to the chest I posted on Sunday. I was taking pictures of this keyhole for the 366 challenge, but then I only found the theme key in the list, so didn't use it. Today, when I thought: "Oh, it can be my Wordless Wednesday contribution then, I found the theme keyhole in the themelist, so now I am actually going to post it for both. But it's not as such a wordless contribution today *but I'll promise, not a word next week...*, I also realized that the chest has a little bit more story to go with this picture.

Part from being transported home from an auction by my father in law on a bicycle, my husband and his brother also managed to lock a baby sitter in the chest on one occasion! I hope my son doesn't inherit the adventurous side of my husband...

Normally Ordlos Onsdag contributions are viewed here, but today we have a stand in.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Mummy and Daddy

When C was born, we immediately saw that he had my colours and my hair, however he looks very much like his dad (when he is grown up), especially when he smiles.

J on the other hand has Os colours and hair and looks very much like her dad did when he was a baby. But every now and then a little glimps of me shines through.

Sifting through the pictures I've taken during January and February (hoping I might have one suitable for the 366 challenge *but no*), I found these two pictures. They are taken at the very same occasion, when having lunch a couple of weeks ago. One of the pictures (shown above) J looks just like her dad and on the other one very much like me. (She looks more like herself on the first picture, but it's amazing to all of a sudden see yourself in a picture or two)

Monday, 25 February 2008

366 Challenge 159: Gift

As well as being a theme of the 366 Challenge, this photo pretty much sums up my weekend. It seems as if children's parties always comes in pairs. So driving around against the clock reading the map with a birthday gift on the dashboard, has been our pleasure at two occasions this weekend.

Regarding the other big happenings in my life: the flat viewing was cancelled due to an exterminator being there spraying the viewing booked Wednesday, but I will take an extra good look as to what he could have been exterminating... The car is still not working, but yesterday as we were contemplating calling someone who could just come and tow it away so we'd never see it again, we drove past a Recover van. The guy was ever so helpful checking a couple of things (he even made a little camp fire on the pavement to clean the spark plugs to C's excitement), so today we are keeping our fingers crossed that the garage can come and pick it up and hopefully there will only be a smaller fix needed...if not the recovery man told us "you might as well get a new car". Encouraging.

Also, I want to welcome Crille, who bravely decided to join the 366 challenge even later than me. He is very, very close and dear to me and I am so happy that he has joined!! It's such a great way of keeping in touch, since we live quite far apart at the moment and I know that he loves photography, has always done.

Have a look at his 366 site:

Saturday, 23 February 2008

366 Challenge 325: Toy

Great thing to be a mother of 2, I thought when I saw the theme toy. I had something else in mind when for the theme, but then I saw my daughter yesterday, playing with this classic toy. I thought: "How cool wouldn't it be to get the top and bottom to be still and the rest of the toy spinning?"

Photo hunt - Wooden

A Swedish wooden "brudkista" (means bride's chest) but in english it's called a dowry chest.

More Photo Hunter contributions can be viewed here.

This is where a young girl kept the belongs that she was going to bring into her future marriage, like linen, towels, table cloths that she had made and embroidered herself. This particular dowry chest is not from our family, but my father in law bought it at an auctions in the South West of Sweden and somehow manged to transport it home on the back of his bicycle!

I love the fact that it is something from my husband's childhood home. It is standing in my daughters room now and it's so beautifully worn out, you can see the wood through the paint at places.

PS, Forgot to mention, 366 challengers. I know that wooden is a theme for the 366 challenge, but I simply have to show you a true Swedish wooden house, so that's why I am not "using up" my 366 theme now. ;)

Friday, 22 February 2008

366 Challenge 74: Bubbles

This afternoon, I opened a bottle of mineral water for my daughter. I was just about to get everything in my lap, the force of the bubbles was really strong. Hey, bubbles!! I thought and rushed to the window..

Thursday, 21 February 2008

*whispering* New Possibilities

Feeling almost a bit guilty even contemplating leaving this flat, after all the lovely comments on our living room view, we have booked a viewing of another flat tomorrow. After having waited for the key to the lovely garden showing outside (for over 7 months), we realize it might never turn up. And we need some sort of garden.

It might be nothing worth the effort of moving once more, or it could be a good thing, to get a better understanding of what we would like to buy here. It is closer to Cs school (not close close, but at least your legs won't feel like falling off after walking there). It is in a neighborhood we had no idea even existed, but truly beautiful with old stone buildings. It's surburbia, but with the city on the doorstep (my goodness, I sound like an estate agent!). Anyway the flat has it's own quirky details, so if the inside is a nice as the outside, we could be living in a little treasure of a home for the forseeable future.)

My day has been spent with J at home, ploughing my way through the mess my 3days-without-O-at-home has left. It was great not having to do the school run, I've been walking around in pj all day.
J having lunch.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Ordlos onsdag / Wordless Wednesday 20 Feb 2008

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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

366 Challenge: Broken

This morning, I as I hoovered the kitchen floor, I managed to pull down a cup from the kitchen worktop. The shape of the broken cup really appealed to me and I knew I wanted to try to capture it for the 366 challenge.

Monday, 18 February 2008

EFIT 18 February 2008

At 6.50 C came into me and asked me something. He was already up and was in full swing of assembling his new Scooby Doo 3D board game *I promised last night we would do it today*. I went to the kitchen to give him something to eat and then went to bed again at 7.11 (J still sleeping)

8.20 C tells me J is awake, I must have fallen asleep really well, I didn't hear her. She always sits in her bed calling for us without getting up, even though we've taken the side of her cot bed out. This morning she was calling for daddy. I still am in bed, taking this picture out the window. The sun is rising and it looks like we have a lovely day ahead.

9.10 Children are playing nicely in Cs room with our drawing travel kits that we bought yesterday (only colours on the paper they are writing on)

10.30 Time for coffee and the new John Lewis catalogue. C is mermerized by the Scooby Doo game and is playing with J (taking turns for both), although she is not there. She is watching "Go Diego Go" with a bottle of milk. *bliss*

12.22 After loosing track of time completely, I have to make a mad dash for the parking meter. 22minutes late, I still have not received any penalty! *big sigh of relief*

I just thought of something as I was writing this post. Even though we live in the city, a couple of people seem to have noticed me and my children on our daily adventures. Twice the past weeks a couple of persons have made comments of recognizing me. I was just thinking, how it looked today, when I came running out of the house like a mad woman, furry (fake off course) coat, pale pink crocs on feet and a camera around my neck. Dashing towards the parking meter only to stop in front of it to take a picture...

13.30 J playing with beads.

14.30 I am Velma, lost in the hands of Green Skin Monster, Master of Skies...

15.30 Arriving at the park. I am not joking here, I have passed these gates around 30 times the past 3 monts and I have never looked up (it's usually after drop off at school in the morning, but still!) How did I miss these beautiful lions? The children were running towards the playground so I just snapped it, will do a better try another day.

16.25 When leaving the park, I make sure the children run off their last steam. When we arrive at the car we have a little surprise. It doesn't start... So a nice man exchanges some coins for me, we fill the parking meter until tomorrow at 13.29 and we walk home.

17.30 Arriving home. I am not pleased with myself taking my high (ish) heeled boots to the playground. *Note to self: Always keep comfy pair of shoes in car in case of walking event...*

18.30 Very tired. Managed to iron a pearl plate for 7 minutes without noticing that it wasn't even plugged in. I even photographed myself doing it. The iron is cold here!

19.25 J insists on serving me a cup of tea before she goes to bed. She usually insists on everything at this time of the day, but this evening I don't have the energy to fight it. 12 minutes later she is fast asleep and I go to the kitchen for another game of Scobby Doo..

21.00 C has been sleeping for half an hour and I call O to tell him about my day. He thinks that the locking mechanism for starting the car might be jammed. Oh great, I'll just go there tomorrow then and try to unlock it.

Hope that you have enjoyed my EFIT (Swedish for One Photo Per Hour). I am actually quite happy it's over. Going to jump into bed now and watch Brothers and Sisters, my husband's away series.

My stubborn little lady

Today, we went to a toy store to buy some treats for the Mid Term (2 days off school). J saw a pink doll pram, which she fell head over heals in love with and spent the rest of the afternoon wailing after it. "J vill haaaaaa looooooosa vaaaagn" ("J waaaants piiiiiiink praaaaam!"). C sat patiently with her in the back seat trying to explain that she might get one for her birthday, but only if she stopped screaming about it... So instead she went: J vill till IKEEEEEEEEA (J wants to go to IKEA!)

Anyway we now have 4 different games, pearls and 2 different drawing kits to occupy us with for the next two days, while O is off in the Big City.

O being home last week really made C open up to him again. He hasn't been completely happy with dad away every week, but now they are the best of friends again.

Having fun at breakfast.

Today is an EFIT day (One Photo an Hour), but I have pushed it until tomorrow so O can follow us, when he is away.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

366 Challenge 61: View

Today the weather is absolutely glorious. My husband has taken the children to the playground and I am stuck indoors working. As I pass the living room, I stop in my tracks to admire the view. Realizing what I am doing, I run for the camera..

Friday, 15 February 2008

366 Challenge 311: Rose

I couldn't let go of the rose I tried to shoot yesterday, so today I tried while the sun was shining nicely outside the window and placing it on the window seat. *If you only see part of a rose, I am still fiddling with linking to my online photoalbum...*

366 Challenge 166: Balance

Balance, I should learn from this tree. Simple, beautiful just standing still...

I took this picture of a tree outside our house on a little me-time walk I had with my camera around the block the other week.

(If anyone is wondering what I am doing posting things I posted a week ago, I am just trying to catch up with my 366 Challenge.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine!

Today was proof that a long marriage is the way to happiness *well, we haven't been married for that long, but it is almost 13years since the night, we became an item. *I have to tell you about this some other day, it's a little magic involved*. Anyway, my husband has never been known for being the most romantic, but today, well let me just say: "You should never say never."
Gorgeous roses from O and pretty chocolate from the children *even though C wished for slightly longer sentense..*

I tried to do some rose shooting for the 366 challenge, but I will wait until I have my macro. *I even manged to smack myself on the nose with the automated flash while trying to snap some magic shots of the roses, you know the kind that keeps popping up!, much to my family's amusement...*

Feeling almost a bit bad here, having *peacefully* been left alone with work all day, O taking care of children, shopping, cooking and the roses..

C was quite Mr Valentine today, being home with a very sore throat, he felt better in the afternoon, producing no more than 7 Valentine cards for his friends at school. *Where has he learned to put the rose in his mouth? Does Robin Hood do that?...* J is not too impressed.

Two beautiful roses.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

366 Challenge 296: Rocket

The rocket for 2008 is easily my children's hats, nicknamed by my 2 1/2year old as "Rocket". Here they are jumping around on dots on the playground.

366 Challenge

Challenge 366 originally was originally started by 2 Canadian girls. The 366 Challenge idea is that you take 366 photos in one year. Between 1 Jan 2008 and 31 Dec 2008. You have 366 themes to cover and you can do them in any order suitable for you.

I have taken up this challenge by Dogeared, who has come up with the particular list I am following. (you can view theme list in the left hand side column of my blog. The themes covered are in bold)

I joined the challenge on 13 Feb 2008, so in the beginning I will have a bit of catching up to do..

Why I am doing this then? Many years ago I used to relax by talking pictures. So, after a couple of baby years, I have taking this up. I also hope to learn about photography, and taking time to myself.

And most importantly. This will be about catching 366 moments of our 2008 life.

Update 1 Jan 2009: These were the themes that I covered during 2008:

A Big Thank You to Helen for all the support and encouragement, you have been outstanding! :)

1. Sparkle
7. Smile
9. Newspaper
13. Chocolate
14. Wooden
16. Handmade
22. Technology
27. Job
28. Mirror
29. Challenge
31. Boat
37. Blue
40. Bench
41. Time
43. Friend
46. Ironwork
47. Red
56. Magazine
57. Pop culture
61. View
62. Exotic
64. Collection
67. Eye (s)
68. Perfume
72. Dandelion
74. Bubbles
79. Desire
87. Precious
91. Lonely
93. Feminine
94. Post box
96. Reminder
102. Paint
104. Cake
111. Ball
115. Flag
121. Alcohol
123. Treasure
131. Cuddle
135. Surf
142. Shiny
146. Quirky
159. Gift
162. Keyhole
166. Balance
172. Black and white
176. Pattern
187. Broken
190. Farm yard
195. Icing
196. Fog
207. Fish
208. Sugar
213. Running
220. Bridge
221. North
222. Perfect
227. Blur
245. Leaf
247. Tradition
252. Doll
258. Ring
261. Gold
284. Glass
296. Rocket
298. Smudge
306. Jump
307. Pens
311. Rose
315. Knowledge
316. Apple
319. Hand
325. Toy
345. Pancake
363. Delicate

Ordlos Ondag - Wordless Wednesday 13 Feb

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Emma Tvartemot

C is all into football now. Sunday and Monday (after school) was spent kicking fotball at our local fotball pitch. I have such exercise strain, I can hardly walk. My *non-resistent* respect for fotball as a sport, has quadrupled. How on earth do they manage to run around for 90 minutes? How do you kick a ball all across a pitch?

C has been home today. He had a temperature this morning and J has entered a new era. The jealousy era. C was not allowed to play with her toys, cuddle with her mummy, pat her cat etc...

She's been "Emma tvartemot" *Mary, quite contrary?* all day today, with her bad mood culminating at bedtime...
At bedtime, I was just getting something from the other room, when she had managed to rip up all her bedding. (She is sitting under the sheet with all her cuddly toys, blanket and other sheets on the floor.) Really quite furious under there, I had to get the camera...

PS. The little armchair is standing against her bed since we took away the side. She was panicking the first night, not being able to relax in her new bed, until I realized that she always used to "climb into her bed". So now she climbes over the back of her little armchair...routines maintained and she can go to sleep in her new bed...

Monday, 11 February 2008

Busy Working

Back in a day or so. Hope you are having a great week, I feel as if I am trying to break a record at the moment *in many departments of my life*.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Photo Hunt - Heavy

A street sign with heavy wear and tear.

This is my interpretation of heavy, the theme of the week. You can see more Photo Hunter's contributions here.

Friday, 8 February 2008

24h roller coaster

(not my photo)

Puh! Last 24h has been a true roller coaster. Company fire fighting, doctors appointment, some more phoning and organizing only to head off to the main event of the day. The talk. Today, we had scheduled in an appointment with school to discuss a situation at play ground. We were not that late out the door, but when we reached the car park we started to worry. We looked at each other. Surely we parked the car here?? It was gone.

I am not saying that we didn't do anything wrong at all, but to tow away the car within 25minutes of our parking ticket expiring? That was not expected.

8 minutes from pick-up and our meeting with the teachers, we called a taxi. J thought it was great. During our ride she sat happily at the back of the taxi, singing:

"Yeah, kasti, faster, faster!!"

We arrived just as the last pupil left the school yard and it was time for our meeting...

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Entering the Painting Game

Anyone who knows me, remembers the time when I swore not to ever touch a paint brush again. It was July 2006 and O and I had spent the last 4 months in shifts painting our house, which we then put on out market to sell.

I have always loved painting, finding it therapeutic, but that was a serious overdoze.

But here we are again. Our hallway is going to get a little update in this colour. Instead of the dirty magnolia walls and horrible badly stripped doors, it's going to be this colour with fresh crisp white doors. All other doors in the flat are white, so this will tie it all together nicely.

I love before and after pictures, so I will post the process at it goes along. Knowing the amount of time I actually have available for this project, it will be more of a before, during, during, during... finished process.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Paint and IKEA

The joy of living in a small city. Today, 3hours before school pick up, we decided to go a retail park outside the city, to buy some paint. In our former life this would be a carefully planned whole day event, but not nowadays.

We have decided to give our rental flat a little update (2 new girls has moved in upstairs, no parties for a week, so odds are high that party freak has moved out!)
Since we were close to our IKEA we went there for lunch. Compared to the scruffy Big City neighborhoods, where our former IKEA stores were located, this is amazing.

A tired J at lunch

On our way back I had some fun trying to snap pictures as we were driving through the city. Most of them ended up with a big truck blocking any potential nice views, but not all of them: