Friday, 16 May 2008

366 Challenge 252: Doll

The other day I saw my daughter play with one of my old dolls. I don't think this doll was given to me new, but I think I inherited it from someone as well. A beautiful old little friend of mine.

*gaah* Very frustrating! Sometimes when I upload photos to a little strip of the bottom of the photo gets placed on the top! Anyone else with this problem, happy to give advice??

Thinking... it must be their software not happy with the dimensions of the photo. It is not matching the "cell", which the photo is presented in?? Very frustrating!!


Julie M said...

Mia, she is such a pretty little doll and your photo is perfect. How nice your daughter has befriended your old friend...

Linda said...

Oh, it's so cute -- sort of like a Cupie Doll. Thanks for sharing it with us.