Monday, 28 July 2008

Fototriss - Vatten (Trio of photos: Water)

Fototriss Vatten

This is the outlook from the beach we usually go to when in Sweden. I am usually in the water most of the time when we visit, but the other evening I made it into my own little photo session, just enjoying the children playing in the water and the beautiful surrounding. This photo is taken around 9'oclock in the evening around 1hour before the sun sets.

Fototriss Vatten

C enjoying the water. O is here all week, so we try to go to the beach every evening.

Fototriss Vatten

1 hour later, I went down to our little harbour. Nothing beats watching the sea, especially this calm.

I hope that you have enjoyed my water photos, to view more Fototriss contributions click here.

PS. To all 366ers, I have a little project going on my water theme for the 366..

Sunday, 27 July 2008

366 Challenge 207: Fish

366 Photo Challenge Fish

Today, we had a little challenge on our hands. Our neighbor came around with these little guys... O *who has never prepared a freshly caught fish, and neither have I* asked how he was going to prepare them and the old man answered "isn't your wife home?"... A bit of a joke if you know me, but since O seemed set on not having a clue, I took the matter in my own hands and voila. 30 minutes later we had a lovely dinner. O is now very curious as to what other cleverly hidden talents I might possess.. :)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

366 Challenge 94: Post box

366 photo challenge: Post box

Maybe not a post box, but a letter box, and it is so pretty I have to have it for my 366. The text Breflåda is old Swedish, today it is called Brevlåda, brev meaning letter and låda meaning box. I think it's beautiful.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

366 Challenge 47: Red

Mia's Pearls 366 Photo challenge

Here is another photo from my little walk through Lysekil on Saturday. I started my walk with admiring the most adorable of houses. It also had a beautiful rose garden and as I was standing there (literally drewling) and elderly lady came out to greet me. She was so sweet and you could really see how happy she was to get some company. She didn't say much at first, just stood beside me smiling but after a little while she started telling me about the garden and the house.

I took several pictures of her house after telling her about the 366 challenge, and this rose stood so beautifully on its own against the backdrop of the house, I just have to have it for the 366.

I get cheerful just thinking of this sweet lady, this red rose is a great reminder.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Fototriss - Gammalt(Trio of photos: Old)

Mias Pearl's

I love anything to do with old buildings, so I have to keep the theme going from last week. This is a beautiful old glass veranda, which I walked past on Saturday. I would LOVE to have one of these...

Mia's Pearls

And an equally beautiful old lamp outside the most gorgeous of houses.

Mia's Pearls

Not as pretty, but equally beautiful is this old log cabin. It's not just old, it is also situated at a farm called "Gammelgården", which means old farm in english.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photos, to view more Fototriss contributions, view here.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

366 Challenge 50: Fruity

366 Challenge: Fruity

Today we had an outing!! We went to a beautiful coastal town not far from our village. O and the children went to a seaworld center and I had a lovely stroll around the old town. I found this beautiful apple tree, but when I tried to take a photo, it was too cloudy, but still the sun was shining through a little bit, so I could only see the apples as silouettes. But just as I walked away the sun broke trough and I rushed back. I am really happy with this shot, my fruity theme.

Friday, 18 July 2008

366 Challenge 28: Mirror

In February, when C was at a birthday party we took the car to Costa. O went in to buy some coffee and I tried to shoot just anything I could see from my seat in the car. A taxi pulled in, just behind us and I tried to take a picture of it through the mirror.

The mirror isn't centered in the photo, but the taxi is, so I still think this photo has some balace to it.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

366 Challenge 57: Pop culture

366 Pop Culture

When we visited Sweden in March, I went through some old boxes of mine to take out some of my old dolls for J to play with and to my delight (and O's) I found a bunch of Swedish pop magazines from the 80s. I also had lots of pictures and posters that I had been cutting out.

Ah, I was 12 years old, felt like I owned the world and adored John Taylor in Duran Duran, and also listened to Howard Jones, Thompson Twins, Boy George and that's pop culture to me.

PS. Today I am catching up on my 366 challenge, by going through my archives and ticking off some themes. So if you are visiting my blog to view my Fototriss contribution or just catching up just go through my previous posts.

366 Challenge 307: Pens

366 challenge pens

I took this photo in February as well. J was playing with pens and I tried to take the colour "blue", but I will use this as pens instead.

PS. Today I am catching up on my 366 challenge, by going through my archives and ticking off some themes. So if you are visiting my blog to view my Fototriss contribution or just catching up just go through my previous posts.

366 Challenge 315: Knowledge

366 challenge Knowledge

One of my favorite toys is the wooden abacus (bought at the White Company). It's classic, beautiful, sturdy and it's great for aquiring that first level of math knowledge.

PS. Today I am catching up on my 366 challenge, by going through my archives and ticking off some themes. So if you are visiting my blog to view my Fototriss contribution or just catching up just go through my previous posts.

366 Challenge 7: Smile

366 Smile

Not exactly the most summery of photos, taken in January, during one of our regular outings to our local playground at Princess Street Gardens. If you ever visit Edinburgh, do go to this playground, it's lovely.

Anyway, this is my smile contribution, I love the look on Js face in this photo. And those of you who have been following my blogging this year, probably remember this hat.. :)

Oh, and it was my first outing with my camera!

PS. Today I am catching up on my 366 challenge, by going through my archives and ticking off some themes. So if you are visiting my blog to view my Fototriss contribution or just catching up just go through my previous posts

366 Challenge 115: Flag

366 challenge 115: Flag

Right, this is it! Anyone tried to take a great shot of a flag blowing in the wind? Anyone tried to shoot a Swedish flag? Either it's not windy enough and the flag just hangs straight down, or the sky and the blue flag sort of melts together..or the sky is grey and the whole photo looks incredibly dull.

I have been taking pictures of the Swedish flag (the only one visible around here) for what feels like ages, oh part from the Norweigans in the house opposite us, but they have their flag on the wall and the view of this flag usually comes with a view of my sunbathing 60year old Norweigan neither an option.

This photo I took during the Midsummer celebration we went to *well, the only thing I've gone to for the past months..". It's cropped, but I just have to get the flag out of the way and tick it off my list.

Will have a serious go through of my archives today. I don't go anywhere, unless I go out with the rubbish *oh, so there's a theme..* I might as well exchange say exotic, cafe and urban with pottytraining, laundry and picking-up-toys..

Sorry about my rant. I am on my 10th day of 11 days without O. Before that he was building the patio, so my duty was *guess three times...* to be with the kids. Before that we were out flying and packing removal boxes for 6 days. My daughter has decided that daddy might come home in the middle of the night, so the smallest sound wakes her up and she starts calling for him. Exhausted is my middle name.

Anyway, I have decided to have a serious go through of my archives. I have taken a lot of photos and upon seeing them I have thought "oh, I can do that better!". Well now I just want to get some themes ticked off my list, otherwise I won't stand a chance to catch up with you!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Fototriss - Byggnader (Trio of photos: Buildings)

The farmhouse at Nordens Ark.

Cottages by the sea.

Traditional Swedish Village House

I found a new photo challenge today. It's a Swedish one and it is called Fototriss, which means that you post 3 photos a week and each week have a new theme. This week the theme is buildings and I found these in my archive. All taken in 2008.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

366 Challenge 258: Ring - Wordless Wednesday

I was going to wait with posting my ring theme until the end of July, when it's our engagement anniversary *you know the one where we have to find our spot out on the cliffs*, but now it is at least July..

Miss O tremedously at the moment (11 days apart this time), so I though it would be nice to post my rings today.

Now, this is not exactly a wordless contribution, but considering the rant I could post telling you of my night, where I fell asleep after 3am, J was up between 3.30 and 4am and finally got out of bed at 5am..believe, me this post is practically wordless. ;)

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

366 Challenge 41: Time

When we were on the flight the other day, I was surpriced to realize that the children were perfectly happy with playing on their own. They were playing so nicely with their magic pens *the ones that only draw on the paper and nowhere else*, O was snoozing and I was reading my book!! Unreal. The first flight in 6 years with some time to myself. *heaven*

Monday, 7 July 2008

Sign of Life with a patio update

Just a little update to let you know that I am alive. Although, I haven't felt like that the past week. Been terribly unwell, but almost back to normal again. This past weekend O has been working on the patio again and now, at least the floor boards are down. If the wind wouldn't have blown with gale force outside this evening, I would have been able to enjoy it. Looking forward to warmer evenings.