Wednesday, 9 July 2008

366 Challenge 258: Ring - Wordless Wednesday

I was going to wait with posting my ring theme until the end of July, when it's our engagement anniversary *you know the one where we have to find our spot out on the cliffs*, but now it is at least July..

Miss O tremedously at the moment (11 days apart this time), so I though it would be nice to post my rings today.

Now, this is not exactly a wordless contribution, but considering the rant I could post telling you of my night, where I fell asleep after 3am, J was up between 3.30 and 4am and finally got out of bed at 5am..believe, me this post is practically wordless. ;)

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Ninni said...

Vilka vackra ringar!Du verkar ha haft en hemsk natt...stackare.
Får ta dig en tupplur idag istället.
Ha en skön onsdag! Kram Ninni

Anonymous said...

Fina ringar och jag gillar mest den utan sten. Jättefin

Mors Deka said...

A picture says mora than a thousand words.

Fin, stillsam bild. Man kan tolka den på många olika sätt. Jag väljer att tolka den på ett lugnt och vackert sätt.


myrica said...

They are beautiful! Wish I had thought of beautifulness at the time, our rings are absolutely plain :) We can call them CLASSIC -nodding-


Julie M said...

Mia, nice composition with the beautiful rings against the weathered wood. The shallow depth of field is perfect, too.

Pumita said...

'til death do us apart! Beautiful!

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Beautiful, love the simplicity, love the sentiment.

Dogeared said...

Sorry you had a rough night - I feel you on that one (slept a few hours, had sinus ache that made my cheekbones feel like they were cracking in two). I hope tonight is better for you, and that O returns soon. A lovely photo for WW this week though!

Ingrid L said...

Vilka vackra ringar!