Wednesday, 16 July 2008

366 Challenge 57: Pop culture

366 Pop Culture

When we visited Sweden in March, I went through some old boxes of mine to take out some of my old dolls for J to play with and to my delight (and O's) I found a bunch of Swedish pop magazines from the 80s. I also had lots of pictures and posters that I had been cutting out.

Ah, I was 12 years old, felt like I owned the world and adored John Taylor in Duran Duran, and also listened to Howard Jones, Thompson Twins, Boy George and that's pop culture to me.

PS. Today I am catching up on my 366 challenge, by going through my archives and ticking off some themes. So if you are visiting my blog to view my Fototriss contribution or just catching up just go through my previous posts.


Julie M said...

What a great collection of memorabilia! Aren't you glad you kept them?

Mia said...

Oh, I am thrilled to pieces! :)

I also have 5 diaries from this era, which is so much fun to read through!

swedish chekchouka said...

wow, vi lyssnade pâ preciis samma artister, och ja john taylor var skitsnygg!

JaCal said...

Oh! "Cherry cherry lady, going through the motion... " and Howard Jones... oaho - you got some really good ones there!!

I'm all for saving stuff... HOW fun you still have these!