Friday, 31 October 2008


Hand made
366 Challenge: 16 Handmade

Brother and fiance arrived safely last night and this morning we all had a long breakfast together. The children received two jigsaw puzzles, C a world map and J a prinsess. Both were extatic and I know a certain uncle and antie, who probably will spend a substantial amount of this weekend doing jigsaw puzzles.

After a relaxed morning, I found myself alone in the house for a while. My brother visiting some friends of his and me sending my soon to be sister-in-law into the city with direction on how she would find a friend, she was going to have lunch with. O went with the children to gym class, so I had a blissful little hour in the middle of the day. All to myself. *nice*

Now, we are preparing for our much anticipated Halloween party tonight. It's "just" us 6, but if you are 3 and 6years old, getting the undivided attention of 4 grown-ups for a full evening with games, competition and dressing up, is heaven. At least for my two, so we are all looking forward to our Halloween evening.

C is decorating halloween biscuits beside me this very moment, and I thought *ok, they might not be completely handmade, since I bought a kit*, but I like the photo, so it will be in my 366.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 30 October 2008



Today our house is buzzing. We are washing, shopping, cleaning and organizing for my brother and his fiance who are arriving tonight. Their flight arrives at 11pm, so the children thinks it's a bit magic. They will go to sleep in the evening and out of nowhere, uncle and auntie, will be here in the morning!

C and J has turned into a little welcome committee. They are making little presents for our guests and little hands are busy making welcome cards.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


366 challenge: 62 Exotic

This morning, I woke up to news headlines like "the city suffers arctic blast". Being Swedish I can't help but being a little bit amuzed by all the drama every time there is a cold spell around. I remember the first time I heard about these arctic conditions that was about to hit our city. It was in year 2000 and both O, my brother and I, switched on the news to hear about the terrible snowfall, only to be greeted by a News presenter standing at a supermarket parking lot surrounded with ca 1/2 inch (1.5cm) of snow, completely overexcited!

I realize that in a country where "winter wheels" (mandatory special wheels for your car, to be used during the coldest months) hardly exist, any degrees below zero is not to be taken lightly, but still. I can't help but giggle a little bit.

We didn't even notice this arctic blast. Apparently our city had it's first October snow in 74 years. I would have loved to see that, but we went to bed early to watch tv and slept with our window open all night *without noticing these arctic conditions* and this morning, I did my usual bare foot tip-toeing around our little garden patch.

Degrees below zero might be exotic to my fellow city residents, but to me, my garden palm tree is exotic.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tisdagstema: Grå (Tuesday's Theme: Grey)

366 challenge: 196 Fog

I am trying out a new challenge today. Tuesday theme is another blogg challenge, I see popping up here and there. I am amazed by all the lovely people that I "meet" through all challenges I participate in, you have no idea how you make my day with your kind comments. :)

This week's theme is grå, which is Swedish for the colour grey. My contribution shows the view from my bedroom window, a grey foggy morning in February this year, when I lived in Edinburgh. I really miss the beauty of the Edinburgh New Town. It was an amazing thing to have right outside your window.

If you want to view more Tisdags tema contributions, please view here. (vill du kommentera på svenska är du välkommen att göra så.) :)

Monday, 27 October 2008


366 challenge: 245 Leaf

I've been in bed now for 3 days with a vicious bug. At first I was completely stressed out by the fact that all my weekend work wasn't going to be done, but now, into my 3rd day of sleeping, dozing and watching feel good series on tv, I can see why the body sometimes must say "Hey, get some REST!".

Hope that you find your time to take a little break every now and then. Don't do it thinking about what to make for dinner tomorrow, or if the school bag is all set...

Try to have some me time every now and then. Whether it's knitting, chatting to a friend on the phone or *like me* dream myself away to my favorite tv show. Currently I am watching Men in Trees, it's so sweet! *can't believe they pulled the plug on that show!*

Anyway, it is good for the soul. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fototriss - Sötma (Trio of photos: Sweetness)

Strawberries and cream

366 challenge: 208 Sugar

Low Carb Chocolate cake
This week's challenge for Fototriss is Sötma, which means sweetness. If anyone is interested in the chocolate cake, here is the recipe for this lovely low carb cake. (I have reused my photo from when I first made this cake in June.)

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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Show and Tell: If I could travel in time, I would..

366 challenge: My Daughter's Eye

Funnily enough, I have been thinking about telling you about his. I did sort of go back in time a while ago.

I'll start by letting you know about me and my mother. My mother had quite a hard childhood. that, I have understood during the past years, have put it's mark on our relationship. She had a particularly bad relationship with her mother and that sort of spilled out into hers and mine.

Anyway, when I turned 30, I put my foot down, letting her know that from now on, I was not a garbage bin, in which she could throw all her horrible feelings and experiences. I was neither an emotional punch bag for all bad things other people had made her endure. This didn't exactly go down with a treat and the years after that was a bit rocky, but I tried to stay firm, letting her know that with my children in the picture, I really expected some respect from her.

2 years ago she called me. On her own birthday, she called me, crying at 10.30am. It was as if she couldn't bear the thought of noone calling her. We had a great talk, she told me about her life and the people around her and we spoke about our relationship, why she had never been there for me. I let her know that ALL I wanted from her was for her to show interest in my children. I wasn't going to "give a good word for her", which meant that she would have to build up her relationship with my children by approaching them herself. (I hadn't said anything bad either,
I have a lovely grandmother myself and I think it's a fantastic relationship to have)

After that phone call, I haven't heard anything for almost 2 years. Not on my son's 5th birthday, not on my daughter's 2nd birthday, not at Christmas, not at my 35th birthday, not at my son's 6th birthday, not at my daughter's 3rd birthday.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching regarding my mother and around one year ago, I came to the conclusion that I was ok with the fact that we didn't have any relationship. By not contacting her and by giving her "an ultimatum", I had to go through the thought "what if something happens to her during our time of not speaking", and I came to the conclusion that I was at peace with my actions. However hard I was searching within myself, I didn't even miss her. Not one bit. I couldn't even bring myself to be sad by the fact that we didn't have a relationship.

I have had trouble remembering a really good moment between us. We didn't really have any, because she became ill when I was 13. She wasn't interested in me, she never was. She was the kind of mother who was in charge of the school parent association, who started up youth clubs for the children in our village, but funnily enough, she was never there for me. She wasn't interested in who I was. That's probably why it was so hard to realize, that when I had children,
she chose other children before mine.

Anyway, *this is getting long*, about 1week before my birthday, I had the weirdest dream. It wasn't so much as a dream, but a memory, that I was reliving. I dreamed that I was walking beside my mother in a park. When I woke up, I was all emotional and I really remembered how my mother was when I was about 2-4years old. I remember how we walked through the park, holding hands. We were singing and she was smiling and looking at me. I remember that look now. It is such a strong memory for me, and I recognize it. I remember her smile and how she looked at me. Happy.

Maybe she was thinking of me really hard that night, or maybe it's just my love for my own 3year-old daughter, which made me reach into myself and made me able to take this emotional step forward *within myself* in my relationship with my mother. Maybe this text comes out flat, as I am trying to describe my dream, but this is what I came to think of when I saw this week's theme for the Tell and Show.

I've been time travelling and I revisited myself as a 3year old little girl. :)

A couple of days later, she called me on my birthday. The first phone call in 47 months.

We had a really good talk.

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Friday, 24 October 2008


366 challenge: 27 Desire

What a morning! O has done a long row of nights and mornings with the children, so last night I asked him to wake me if J came down early in the morning, so he could have a sleep in. This morning she woke up at 7.40. A really good time, I think. I was picturing myself cosying up with her in the sofa, a cup of coffee and laptop. Just me and her. A quiet moment.

We started the morning with some exercise. A couple of rounds from top to bottom of the stairs. There is a drawback of living in a narrow townhouse, there is a lot of stairs (!) and when you first forget your bottle, then your little blanket and finally Kitty the cuddly cat, there is a little bit too much stair climbing for me.

Anyway, when J was sitting comfortably, she started making "tummy bug noises" (she has been unwell now for a couple of days), so I ran for a bucket, remembering all scrubbing labour of the last couple of days. After another 20 minutes we realized that it was false alarm.

I made my coffee and my hopes for that quiet computer moment was slowly filling me again. Just as I grabbed my coffee, a little too tired, I managed to spill quite a lot of it on the dining room floor. As I was wiping it up with a towel, I notice a whole trail of nasty stains that the cat have done on the floor. She must have caught something on her foot. So I get some cleaning stuff and started some more thorough cleaning of the floor. Finished, my thoughts of my cup of coffee is back and I put the cleaning products in the cupboard again.

As I walk through the dining room, again in a really good mood, I completely forget the wet floor and *squat* manage to make some sort of split and bump my knee hard on the wooden floor.

Now I have managed to limp my way to the sofa, my coffe is cold, but I am going to try to sip it up before C comes. I can hear him upstairs. The commotion of the day has started.

I wish I had one of those summer mornings in Sweden, when I could sneak out into my little garden patch and pick some wild strawberries...

Thursday, 23 October 2008

What would I do without internet? (and 366)

I remember back in 1991. I had just taken my exam at the Swedish equivalent of college and I was doing my first computer course. I had actually applied for language classes, I think it was German, but they all got cancelled and they called me and asked if I wanted to do computers instead. Ok, I thought and that was the start of it all.

One of the teacher at this course was very suspicious at everything computers and I remember he thought it would only lead to a world of doom and gloom. Buying your tickets online instead of going to the box office and perhaps encounter some friends along the way. They would in turn invite you to dinner and there (!), look what you would have missed out on if you would have done it online.

Today it's the complete opposite for me. I work online, I keep in touch with friends online, I read my news online and I shop online.
Job shopping
366 challenge: 27 Job

Part of my job as a stay at home-mum is to get the shopping done. Today as all my bags arrived I was thinking of the amount of work I save by shopping online. Yesterday, by the comfort of my sofa and while 0 was putting the children to sleep, I just clicked on to my grocery store and checked my "last" order to see what I needed from it and added some more items. Today 10 bags arrived, all colour coded: purple for cupboard, orange for fridge items and blue for freezer items.

Today I was checking in on friends abroad, that I haven't spoken with in years while I was unpacking all my bags.

366: Newspaper
366 challenge: 9 Newspaper

I even got a newspaper for free for shopping so much! ;)

366ers! New Format

I just want to mention that I have a new format on my blog. Or rather an old one.

I am still doing my 366, but I am merging my themed photos with my more "diary form-like" blog.
After each themed foto, I always put the 366 theme description for you to see.

Hope you will still see my 366 photos.

Blogger Hints and Tips 2

This morning as I sat down with my cup of coffee by the computer, I noticed a new blogger Feature again.

Cissi, had become a Follower of my blog. It means that she will get notified on her Dashboard when I update my blog. I think it's a fun way of following blogs you read.

If you want to follow my blog, please click on the link in the right hand coloumn!

You can follow a blog anonymously or publicly and you can call yourself whatever you like. Read more about it here.

Now, I just have to choose a picture. - I had a bit of trouble understanding how to get my photo there, but now it's working. You just go to Dashboard - Edit Profile and upload a photo from your computer or the web.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Low Carb Pancakes (366)

Low Carb Pancakes
366 challenge: 346 Pancake

6 months ago I posted this post as my Challenge contribution to the 366 challenge.

I am so extremely proud to say that 6 months down the line, I am living my low carb life. Quite a lot has happened health wise during this period:

  • I have lost 8.9kg, which is ca 19.8lb.
  • All swelling, which has made my joints ache, is competely gone.
  • Even though I have cronic sinus problems, I have gone from taking 8 really strong pain killers a day to 0 pain killers.
  • I now sleep without help of a little pill.
  • Skin has changed a lot, I look healthy and concealer or foundation is a distant memory.
  • My migraine is gone.
Most of these things happened after just 1-2 weeks of eating low carb (well, part from the weight loss). For anyone not knowing what a Low Carb diet is, here it is summarized:
  • avoid all carbohydrates like pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, sugar. Remember that all carbohydrates are converted to sugar in your body, so fruit sugar and for example brown bread is also to avoid.
  • Eat normal amounts of organic fish, meat, poultry.
  • Eat "above-ground" vegetables, since they are less rich in carbohydrates. ie, choose broccoli over carrots etc.
  • Don't forget the fat. Eat organic full-fat products. Avoid any light products.
  • Decrease your intake of omega-6, which is inflammatory and increase your intake of omega3.
  • Try to eat as organic and unprocessed as possible.
That's about it. :)

How on earth have you cut out carbs??? is the question I get from friends and family. But think again, I don't only cut out carbs, I cut out carbs and add full fat products, so for breakfast I have coffee and cream, for dinner I eat a nice sirloin steak with cream sauce, or a lovely salmon with sallad. The cravings are completely gone and I am feeling great!

So I am happily celebrating my first 6 months of a healthier life with sharing with you a pancake recipe that I just made for lunch, low carb pancakes. To do these pancakes you need:

5 eggs
4dl double creme
2 dl grounded almonds
pinch of salt
organic butter for the pan.

Mix all the ingredients together and make your pancakes with organic butter. Serve with fresh raspberries and whipped cream.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


366 challenge: 87 precious

An not very promising Thursday turned out to be a very memorable day. We started the day with scans at the doctor's. My endocrinologist has decided to have another go at what could be causing some of my health problems. I have actually been a bit nervous about starting this whole investigation, but now that it's started I am quite ok.

In the afternoon a trip to the post office turned into a very unplanned afternoon of first dining out with the family and then a trip to the park.

Just what I needed, an unexpected day to recharge my batteries. On the photo, J is sitting on a massive log here, very proud to being able to climb ontop of it, just like big brother. My precious girl.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

One year..wiser

366 challenge 195: icing

Another year has gone by. This year, my birthday wish was for O and the children to bake me a cake, but yesterday afternoon we had to do another round at my doctor's and after that we were simply to exhausted to do any baking, so I suggested they would pick a surprice cake for me when we went to the grocery store. They picked this gorgeous pink cake!! Since I am now living my low carb life, I only had a teeny tiny bit to taste and it was very yummy! ;)

C was a bit...disappointed to say the least. He had desperately been hoping for a halloween cake and this was all a bit too pink, so they also bought a scary spider cupcake to him. (but at home he was quite happy to taste the pink cake)

In the morning I woke up by 2 little scary creatures coming into our bedroom, hissing the Birthday song. It was J and C trying out their halloween costumes. One birthday performance I will remember for a loong time. ;)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Show and tell: If I could change career

I've joined a couple of bloggers for a Friday Blog theme. This week the subject is: If I could change career.

In my case it's not a case of if, but when.

Cleaning lady at doctor's surgery and nursing homes, doing the till in a grocery store, ice cream cafe, conferences, christmas card sorting, mail man, news paper delivery, invoicing at a funeral parlour, office assistant, nurse assistant at nursing home for people with dementia.

That's what I was doing until I had my degree. When I finally had it I went from sales systems to GIS (Geographical systems) to supply chain (manufacturing and delivery) and then to mobile phones before I had my son. In Sweden you call a person constantly changing jobs a "hoppjerka", that's me.

My current job, I've had for over 4years now, which is the longest I have ever stayed in a job. That must be due to my boss, he is the most gorgeous man... ;)

But we have already started to think about our next move, so here comes the when I change career-part. A little over a year ago, we were really fed up with our life here and we started dreaming about a new challenge. We left the children with a friend over the weekend, where we had a look at this house. It is a 10bed hotel, which *to say the least* needed a little TLC.

We looked up the area, a really good area for tourism, 1h south of Edinburgh (ok, maybe 1h 15min..) and they were going to build a rail line just a couple of miles from the village, which would make it a commuting area Edinburgh.

So we jumped to the occasion and put an offer in. We were very excited!! To be completely sure of what we would let ourselves into we had a full structural survey. The survey unfortunately showed us that we would buy ourselves 500 sqm of wood worm, so we pulled out, but that is how we ended up in Edinburgh for a year.

I wonder when our next surge comes along. I would love to be in the property market, but it's not exactly the best of times to buy houses at the moment. I have also been thinking about starting up a relocation agency. All our moves has made me quite a wiz at looking up good houses, schools and local amenities.. :)

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Friday bloggers! (Show and tell-ers)

I have had a manic day, just realized that I have missed posting my Show and Tell today. Will do my blogpost tomorrow.

Monday, 6 October 2008

EFIT 5 October 2008 (One Photo per Hour) + 366

This past Sunday, I thought it was time I had another go at the EFIT project. For you who don't know what it is, it is a Swedish photo project. EFIT is short for Ett Foto I Timmen, which means. One photo per hour. I had hoped that we would have a great day doing family things and cooking fabulous food, but no. So, here is a normal plain Sunday in my life.

If you are a Swedish visitor, I am just as happy to receive comments in Swedish (vill du kommentera på svenska är du välkommen att göra så.) :)


10.06 I wake up after a well-needed sleep-in. Both children have been up during the night and the last time I was upstairs with them was 4.30.. (yes, realizing now that you shouldn't take pictures of your crome taps seconds before you hit the shower, but I have zoomed this one and it's safe to post!)


11.20 We are out of coffee, so I have some yogurt and a finncrisp for breakfast. A working breakfast by the computer, telephone and other things officy.


12.20 Still working and I motivate O to put our venetian blinds up. This is the window, when he starts.


13.25 Job done and J inspect daddy's work. (I am really pleased!)


14.25 With the living room being so cosy, we feel an urge for buying a telly. We shouldn't, but are just going to have a look...before we leave I spend roughly 35 minutes looking through most our boxes to find the children's new rain coats. I finally find them and we're off!

366: 227 Blur

4.30 Going from one store to another, we drive though a beautiful park.


6.30 No TV *store closed just as we arrived*, realizing all bigger grocery stores had closed we went to a local Sainsbury's. As we were getting in the car, the kids noticed this "castle". They were very impressed.


7.30 Back home I get the honour of doing a test drive with our new family member, Hetty.


8.30 We all have dinner together with "mysljus" (cosy lighting). Children are very tired (and so are we!), so I forget about the EFIT during our bedtime routine.


23.00 After getting the children in bed, I work for about 1h before we go to bed. Now I am in bed watching an all time favorite our ours. Svensson, Svensson, a swedish sitcom *O falls asleep after ca 10 minutes and I switch on Desperate Housewives, which I fall asleep to*

I hope you have enjoyed my EFIT day!

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Friday, 3 October 2008

Ordering food from a 3year old


Have had a really good day today. A lot of work, but the children are still half sedated by their cold, so they have been very quiet and playing nicely all day.

It isn't always the easiest to play with your little sister. J loves playing with her 6year old brother, but she is not always contributing to the plot, but goes in her own direction.

Sorry all english speaking visitors, today I just have to post a little conversation I overheard in Swedish and it is impossible *for me* to post this in English:

J står med litet block och penna i handen och låtsas vara en servitris.

J: "Vad du vill ha?"

C: Pannkakor, tack. Det skulle vara gott!

Servitören tystnar och verkar drömma sig bort lite. C tittar bedjande på mig.

Jag säger till J: Du kan ju fråga hur många?, för att hjälpa den något oerfarne servitrisen på traven.

J: Ehhh...
*J tänker lite* tlååbevvys (strawberries)

C: Men, hur många vill du ha, how many...?

C *utbrister sen irriterat*: Äh, jag kan vara frisören!

J: Nej, jag e frisölen!

och så lite tjafs om det här en stund. Sen ger sig kunden.

C: Ok, men hur många vill du ha då? (han inser inte att han plötsligt tar beställning av servitrisen)

J: 100

C: Men då får ju mamma steka pannkakor hela dagen!

J *fnissande*: Sticky pannkakor!

C *suckar uppgivet* "Ska vi leka med lego?"

J: Jaaaaaa!

Have a great Friday evening!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

I really miss it!

Almost 6 months ago, as most of you know we endured quite a rough patch in our lives. One you don't forget about, but stays with you. Due to this, I *more or less* stopped blogging about my personal life.

But I miss doing that, so I am going to try to get back to my normal diary-form of this blog, *still with sharing my daily photos with you*. I really miss sharing my days with you and I think I have a newfound strength to do so, now that we have moved.

Today, not much has happened. To my relief! All 3 of us are down with a cold. C, who normally wants to talk to me all hours of the day, just wants to cuddle up in bed with a good movie or book and J has happily joined him, which makes my day soooo much more endurable. The hardest thing I think, when you are a mother, is the lack of rest you get when you are not well.

I really enjoy when you show photos of your homes, what you particularly like and dislike. Any improvements you show on your blog, I am there eagerly taking in what your world looks like.

Today, I though I was going to take some pictures of the house we live in now, but realized that not a single room is without boxes, we haven't even decided what goes where... But there is one room, that don't have any boxes and it's the hallway. There isn't much we are going to do in here, I love the stone floor. It needs a good polish, but that's about it.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

366 Challenge 92: Lonely


This morning, after breakfast the children rushed upstairs to play and I took my camera for a little stroll around the garden. It is very neglected and not at all as freshly planted as the agency told us before viewing the house. Anyway, thanks to this, I have found several beautiful spider webs, which I have been trying to capture now for a couple of mornings. Today, the lighting was brilliant, but the spider was very busy and I wasn't able to catch it properly with my camera. I wonder, do spiders take naps? I am going to keep an eye on him today...

Upon leaving the garden, this little red lonely berry caught my attention. And with this little berry, I wish you a great day.

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