Friday, 24 October 2008


366 challenge: 27 Desire

What a morning! O has done a long row of nights and mornings with the children, so last night I asked him to wake me if J came down early in the morning, so he could have a sleep in. This morning she woke up at 7.40. A really good time, I think. I was picturing myself cosying up with her in the sofa, a cup of coffee and laptop. Just me and her. A quiet moment.

We started the morning with some exercise. A couple of rounds from top to bottom of the stairs. There is a drawback of living in a narrow townhouse, there is a lot of stairs (!) and when you first forget your bottle, then your little blanket and finally Kitty the cuddly cat, there is a little bit too much stair climbing for me.

Anyway, when J was sitting comfortably, she started making "tummy bug noises" (she has been unwell now for a couple of days), so I ran for a bucket, remembering all scrubbing labour of the last couple of days. After another 20 minutes we realized that it was false alarm.

I made my coffee and my hopes for that quiet computer moment was slowly filling me again. Just as I grabbed my coffee, a little too tired, I managed to spill quite a lot of it on the dining room floor. As I was wiping it up with a towel, I notice a whole trail of nasty stains that the cat have done on the floor. She must have caught something on her foot. So I get some cleaning stuff and started some more thorough cleaning of the floor. Finished, my thoughts of my cup of coffee is back and I put the cleaning products in the cupboard again.

As I walk through the dining room, again in a really good mood, I completely forget the wet floor and *squat* manage to make some sort of split and bump my knee hard on the wooden floor.

Now I have managed to limp my way to the sofa, my coffe is cold, but I am going to try to sip it up before C comes. I can hear him upstairs. The commotion of the day has started.

I wish I had one of those summer mornings in Sweden, when I could sneak out into my little garden patch and pick some wild strawberries...


Cissi said...

Vilken fint kort!! Och vilken morgon! Hoppas resten av dagen blir bättre ;)

Anonymous said...

Mia, I like how you're blending your blog with your 366 challenge. Glad you found a way that works for you...

Petra H said...

Mums, smultron... vilka sommarminnen de väcker!
Jobbig morgon, förhoppningsvis blev resten av dagen bättre!?

Mia said...

cissi: Jepp. Sonen väckte maken och därav räddningen. ;)

Julie m: Thank you, I feel comfortable with bleding it all in. :)

petra h: Absolut, och visst är det somrigt med smultron..