Thursday, 2 October 2008

I really miss it!

Almost 6 months ago, as most of you know we endured quite a rough patch in our lives. One you don't forget about, but stays with you. Due to this, I *more or less* stopped blogging about my personal life.

But I miss doing that, so I am going to try to get back to my normal diary-form of this blog, *still with sharing my daily photos with you*. I really miss sharing my days with you and I think I have a newfound strength to do so, now that we have moved.

Today, not much has happened. To my relief! All 3 of us are down with a cold. C, who normally wants to talk to me all hours of the day, just wants to cuddle up in bed with a good movie or book and J has happily joined him, which makes my day soooo much more endurable. The hardest thing I think, when you are a mother, is the lack of rest you get when you are not well.

I really enjoy when you show photos of your homes, what you particularly like and dislike. Any improvements you show on your blog, I am there eagerly taking in what your world looks like.

Today, I though I was going to take some pictures of the house we live in now, but realized that not a single room is without boxes, we haven't even decided what goes where... But there is one room, that don't have any boxes and it's the hallway. There isn't much we are going to do in here, I love the stone floor. It needs a good polish, but that's about it.

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Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful floor! I thought it was carpet at first...

Hope everyone feels better soon!