Thursday, 23 October 2008

What would I do without internet? (and 366)

I remember back in 1991. I had just taken my exam at the Swedish equivalent of college and I was doing my first computer course. I had actually applied for language classes, I think it was German, but they all got cancelled and they called me and asked if I wanted to do computers instead. Ok, I thought and that was the start of it all.

One of the teacher at this course was very suspicious at everything computers and I remember he thought it would only lead to a world of doom and gloom. Buying your tickets online instead of going to the box office and perhaps encounter some friends along the way. They would in turn invite you to dinner and there (!), look what you would have missed out on if you would have done it online.

Today it's the complete opposite for me. I work online, I keep in touch with friends online, I read my news online and I shop online.
Job shopping
366 challenge: 27 Job

Part of my job as a stay at home-mum is to get the shopping done. Today as all my bags arrived I was thinking of the amount of work I save by shopping online. Yesterday, by the comfort of my sofa and while 0 was putting the children to sleep, I just clicked on to my grocery store and checked my "last" order to see what I needed from it and added some more items. Today 10 bags arrived, all colour coded: purple for cupboard, orange for fridge items and blue for freezer items.

Today I was checking in on friends abroad, that I haven't spoken with in years while I was unpacking all my bags.

366: Newspaper
366 challenge: 9 Newspaper

I even got a newspaper for free for shopping so much! ;)


Anonymous said...

That sounds so convenient! I don't think any of the grocers here provide that kind of on-line service. I like your shot of the color-coded bags...

Anna, Fair and True said...

Jag önskar att det var lättare att köpa mat via nätet i Sverige! Det kom igång för några år sedan, kring 2000 men sedan liksom nästan försvann det igen. Antar att folk inte var så intresserade som de trodde. Men jag hoppas det kommer igång igen!

Linda said...

I'm so jealous, Mia! Here in the good ole' US of A, at least my corner of it, we don't have such wonderful services! I still have to go, at least once a week, and schlep home all my groceries. I wonder if your grocer would deliver to my house?! :-)