Wednesday, 16 July 2008

366 Challenge 115: Flag

366 challenge 115: Flag

Right, this is it! Anyone tried to take a great shot of a flag blowing in the wind? Anyone tried to shoot a Swedish flag? Either it's not windy enough and the flag just hangs straight down, or the sky and the blue flag sort of melts together..or the sky is grey and the whole photo looks incredibly dull.

I have been taking pictures of the Swedish flag (the only one visible around here) for what feels like ages, oh part from the Norweigans in the house opposite us, but they have their flag on the wall and the view of this flag usually comes with a view of my sunbathing 60year old Norweigan neither an option.

This photo I took during the Midsummer celebration we went to *well, the only thing I've gone to for the past months..". It's cropped, but I just have to get the flag out of the way and tick it off my list.

Will have a serious go through of my archives today. I don't go anywhere, unless I go out with the rubbish *oh, so there's a theme..* I might as well exchange say exotic, cafe and urban with pottytraining, laundry and picking-up-toys..

Sorry about my rant. I am on my 10th day of 11 days without O. Before that he was building the patio, so my duty was *guess three times...* to be with the kids. Before that we were out flying and packing removal boxes for 6 days. My daughter has decided that daddy might come home in the middle of the night, so the smallest sound wakes her up and she starts calling for him. Exhausted is my middle name.

Anyway, I have decided to have a serious go through of my archives. I have taken a lot of photos and upon seeing them I have thought "oh, I can do that better!". Well now I just want to get some themes ticked off my list, otherwise I won't stand a chance to catch up with you!

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Dogeared said...

I know the feeling - I keep holding back on some themes I could do now (I'd have to take a photo, but I could do it now), but I save it. I could do the beach this weekend probably, but as I'll hopefully see the beach in Los Angeles in October, I'm saving it.

So I totally understand your thinking! But I like your catch ups - I've just skimmed past them, but I will catch up tonight/this weekend (I'm aiming to catch up on my 366 friends' Blogs, other photo Blogs and city daily photo Blogs, plus post some of my own photos. We'll see how much gets done!)

Hope O's home soon, and you can enjoy being together again [hug]