Thursday, 4 December 2008

Reflection: Beginning of December

Christmas decorations
366 challenge: 111 Ball

This week, the days have been quite busy and chaotic. But all days have had one thing in common. Every evening, we have lit lots of candles in the living room and enjoyed some quiet time as a family with the few Christmas decorations that we have taken out (I think there will be more this weekend). Above i one of two pretty topiary trees that I bought last year.

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Anna, Fair and True said...

Du tar så fina bilder alltså!

rajson said...

Pynt i min smak trots att jag inte är så mkt för julpynt.
Du är välkommen att kika in hos mig för en liten "utmärkelse".
Du behöver inte "göra" ngt med den om du inte känner för det.det är tanken som räknas!
Ha det gott!

Trebarnsmamman said...

Superfint pynt, annrolunda men väldigt juligt! Tck för din reflektion!

pumita said...

Det ser nästan ut som en efterätt. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mia, this is a lovely photo. Your December evenings sound so pleasant. Enjoy!

Della said...

Det låter mysigt!

Viola said...

Vilken bild! Så vacker!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I really like that idea. One winter my husband and I ate every evening meal by candlelight, just to kind of slow down and reconnect with each other. It was something we really enjoyed. Maybe we should try that again now with the kids.

Mia said...

rajson: Tack!! Nu blev jag jätteglad!

trebarnsmamman: Jag gillar verkligen ditt nya tema. :)

pumita: Jag håller med, mumsigt! ;)

Julie m: Thank you, yes it is a good habit to slow down and just enjoy the evening. It helps with candles and I am glad that we have started with this little routine well before Christmas.

Julia: We have such terrible lighting in our dining room, that we usually have candles lit for our dinner. It really calms the children down and makes dinner so much more enjoyable. Thank you for stopping by, I am hoping to do a house this weekend!

All: Thank you for stopping by!