Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunday trip

Ice on the lake!

Yesterday we went to one of the city's national trust homes. I was soo excited because they were holding a Christmas open house for a couple of hours. The weather was so crisp and beautiful, there was ice (!!) on the little lake and absolutely stunning weather.

My disappointment didn't know any end to it when it turned out that I wasn't allowed to take any photos whatsoever in the house. It's all copyright... To be perfectly honest, I still don't get it, they keep a house in fantastic condition *noone is living there* and then open it up for 4 days and no photography is allowed. I would understand if no flash photography wasn't allowed, but no photography at all. I was soo disppointed. Desperately googling the rest of the day, I realized that ALL houses around my city has the same policy. *gaah*

But, it was a beautiful day and we had great fun playing orangutangs in the park instead. I also had my own little photo stroll around the lake when O had the kids, so it was all very worth the while going there.

So now I am puzzled with what to do with my Holiday Home Tour challenge. There is simply no houses open here. Shall I decorate my own house, go to a fancy department store or maybe a museeum? I am still figuring this out at the moment.

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Anna-Carin said...

Hej! kan vara väldigt frustrerande när det visar sig vara fotograferings förbud.
Fina fotografier.
Ha en bra dag // Anna-Carin