Tuesday, 19 February 2008

366 Challenge: Broken

This morning, I as I hoovered the kitchen floor, I managed to pull down a cup from the kitchen worktop. The shape of the broken cup really appealed to me and I knew I wanted to try to capture it for the 366 challenge.


Julie M said...

Mia, your broken cup image is very nicely done. The lighting and depth of field make it really interesting. Sorry about the cup, though!

Christin said...

Thank you for your comment. I've added you as well, if that's okay with you. :) Oh, and it's Christin, without the e at the end. ;)

This is a great picture! I have quite a lot of (semi) broken things in my kitchen. I should be able to find a nice shot once I get my camera back... :D

Dogeared said...

Nicely lit, given the cream cup and white background! Hard colours to light well for photos, but you did it! Sorry about the broken cup though :(

Hibe said...

After only four photos, I can see you have a real "eye", especially for composition. I'll be sure to keep checking back to see what new litlle treasures you've come up with.

As for the cup, it's not excatly Royal Doulton. I have to laugh... I can't get the image of Elizabeth desperately trying not to break Hyacinth's Royal Daulton with the periwinkle pattern out of my head. Of course if youre not familar with Keeping Up Appearances all this means nothing... lol

Mia said...

julie m:

Thank you, I wanted the whole cup to have focus, but only managed to get the "cut" to be, but then I thought, since the theme is broken, it was actually quite suitable.


Your e is gone. ;) We break things every week, but usually it's a 1000 pieces and not that safe to have out, so this was almost a treat. ;)

dogeared: I love white on white and I am glad I managed to get the two tones. It's amazing what you can do with daylight.


I am amazed what thoughts a cup rom IKEA can provoke, but that's the beauty of photography.
The photographer is sending one message and then it's free for any viewer to do their own interpretation.

Regarding your other comments on my blog, you seem to have made your mind up about who I am, what I want to share and how and why I do it. One of the reasons that I am not obvious of my location is to keep people like my mother in law out.

You seem to be doing quite a good job filling her spot. ;)

Anonymous said...

chrille said...

Tjusigt foto! Skulle va kul att hoppa på utmaningen, fastän det är RÄTT mycket att komma ikapp vid det här laget.

Mia said...


Ja GOR (!!) det, jag tror du skulle alska det. Det e jattekul! (blogger e jattesmidigt, mycket battre an blogg.se) Du, forresten bilen funkar inte, sa idag har vi hyrt en Fiat...ska aka och kopa batteri och se om det funkar, forst tankte vi ta den i barnvagnen, men sa..

Det kanske borjar bli dags att kopa en bil..

Har du fatt mina mail?