Monday, 18 February 2008

EFIT 18 February 2008

At 6.50 C came into me and asked me something. He was already up and was in full swing of assembling his new Scooby Doo 3D board game *I promised last night we would do it today*. I went to the kitchen to give him something to eat and then went to bed again at 7.11 (J still sleeping)

8.20 C tells me J is awake, I must have fallen asleep really well, I didn't hear her. She always sits in her bed calling for us without getting up, even though we've taken the side of her cot bed out. This morning she was calling for daddy. I still am in bed, taking this picture out the window. The sun is rising and it looks like we have a lovely day ahead.

9.10 Children are playing nicely in Cs room with our drawing travel kits that we bought yesterday (only colours on the paper they are writing on)

10.30 Time for coffee and the new John Lewis catalogue. C is mermerized by the Scooby Doo game and is playing with J (taking turns for both), although she is not there. She is watching "Go Diego Go" with a bottle of milk. *bliss*

12.22 After loosing track of time completely, I have to make a mad dash for the parking meter. 22minutes late, I still have not received any penalty! *big sigh of relief*

I just thought of something as I was writing this post. Even though we live in the city, a couple of people seem to have noticed me and my children on our daily adventures. Twice the past weeks a couple of persons have made comments of recognizing me. I was just thinking, how it looked today, when I came running out of the house like a mad woman, furry (fake off course) coat, pale pink crocs on feet and a camera around my neck. Dashing towards the parking meter only to stop in front of it to take a picture...

13.30 J playing with beads.

14.30 I am Velma, lost in the hands of Green Skin Monster, Master of Skies...

15.30 Arriving at the park. I am not joking here, I have passed these gates around 30 times the past 3 monts and I have never looked up (it's usually after drop off at school in the morning, but still!) How did I miss these beautiful lions? The children were running towards the playground so I just snapped it, will do a better try another day.

16.25 When leaving the park, I make sure the children run off their last steam. When we arrive at the car we have a little surprise. It doesn't start... So a nice man exchanges some coins for me, we fill the parking meter until tomorrow at 13.29 and we walk home.

17.30 Arriving home. I am not pleased with myself taking my high (ish) heeled boots to the playground. *Note to self: Always keep comfy pair of shoes in car in case of walking event...*

18.30 Very tired. Managed to iron a pearl plate for 7 minutes without noticing that it wasn't even plugged in. I even photographed myself doing it. The iron is cold here!

19.25 J insists on serving me a cup of tea before she goes to bed. She usually insists on everything at this time of the day, but this evening I don't have the energy to fight it. 12 minutes later she is fast asleep and I go to the kitchen for another game of Scobby Doo..

21.00 C has been sleeping for half an hour and I call O to tell him about my day. He thinks that the locking mechanism for starting the car might be jammed. Oh great, I'll just go there tomorrow then and try to unlock it.

Hope that you have enjoyed my EFIT (Swedish for One Photo Per Hour). I am actually quite happy it's over. Going to jump into bed now and watch Brothers and Sisters, my husband's away series.


Larssons said...

Vilken härlig promenad i vårvädret ni fick. Ofrivillig men ni hade i alla fall tur med vädret.
JAg skall nu börja stora kvällsprocessen att få upp båda barnen på övervåningen, avklädning, bad, sagor, spel och förhoppningsvis i säng utan större knot. Vill sätta igång och sätta upp mina nya gardiner...
kann du inte ringa nån dag? Eller koppla in kundtelefonen*fnis*

Jette said...

gillar verkligen bilden med pärlorna... snygg!!!

Fröken Svår said...

Hej, har kikat på din dag. Gillar den med pärlorna, jättesnygg.

Det var väl ganska bra gjort att hinna stryka så länge innan du upptäckte att strykjärnet inte var ikopplat *S*

Dogeared said...

I wondered what EFIT was! I love the photo of the beads (J playing with them), and the one where you've got home and the kids are sitting down - J's all bundled up like red star fish, so cute!

Mia said...


Ja, det regnade inte i alla fall.. ;)
Hoppas läggningen var smidig. Ska försöka få till ett samtal när B väl e hemma (och när jag inte åker buss...)

jette och fröken svår:
Tack, min dotter undrade verkligen vad jag gjorde. Jag ställde kameran på bordet och försökte sen titta i den, dvs tryckte hela kinden mot bordsskivan samtidigt som jag försökte uppmuntra henne att forsätta med pärlorna. "GÖR du mamma?" frågade hon nyfiket...


*haha* Starfish. She was more like a jellyfish, soo tired from our little adventure. ;)

Hope you'll have a great weekend!