Friday, 15 February 2008

366 Challenge 311: Rose

I couldn't let go of the rose I tried to shoot yesterday, so today I tried while the sun was shining nicely outside the window and placing it on the window seat. *If you only see part of a rose, I am still fiddling with linking to my online photoalbum...*


1st Lady said...

Wonderful Image!! You should make that into a piece of art, would look fantastic on the wall!

Mia said...

1st lady:

Thank you, you are so kind. I am hoping to learn how to take great photo rather than taking 30 of them and hoping for the best.. ;)

Hibe said...

Great shot Mia. Good use of DOF, shadow, and contrast between the red and white linen.

Welcome to the 366. You got some catchin up to do. As long as you use photos taken this year, it should be alright to post previous photos you've taken. Also, it's ealry in the year, so you shouldn't have a problem even if you don't have any to use. I posted your 366 page in my blog rather than your home page of Mia's Pearls. I just want to make sure people are sent to the right page.

Looking at your other roses, I would snip off a half inch or more of the stems and put some fresh water in your vase. Keep changing the water and snipping the stems every few days. Keep them out of sunlight and keep them in a cool place if possible. Some people say to put an asprin in the water and florists have chemicals to help too make them last longer. I can't say for sure that either works, but it can't hurt.

I like your page element with places from where latest visitors are from. I think I'll add that to mine.

One last thing... I have an alphabetized list of the 366 I and some others find helpful to find particular themes. Take a look and feel free to copy it to use.

Denise Olson said...

Hi Mia,
Gorgeous Rose!! and kids!! How cute are they.... welcome to the 366 challenge. I'm sooooo far behind. Thanks for visiting my blog and the compliments.


Michelle said...

Great picture of the rose. Thank you for visiting my blog and I will be more than happy to add you to mine as well. Sure glad you joined in on the fun of the 366 challenge.

Dogeared said...

What a beautiful rose, and that's a lovely photo of it, contrasted with the white :-)