Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine!

Today was proof that a long marriage is the way to happiness *well, we haven't been married for that long, but it is almost 13years since the night, we became an item. *I have to tell you about this some other day, it's a little magic involved*. Anyway, my husband has never been known for being the most romantic, but today, well let me just say: "You should never say never."
Gorgeous roses from O and pretty chocolate from the children *even though C wished for slightly longer sentense..*

I tried to do some rose shooting for the 366 challenge, but I will wait until I have my macro. *I even manged to smack myself on the nose with the automated flash while trying to snap some magic shots of the roses, you know the kind that keeps popping up!, much to my family's amusement...*

Feeling almost a bit bad here, having *peacefully* been left alone with work all day, O taking care of children, shopping, cooking and the roses..

C was quite Mr Valentine today, being home with a very sore throat, he felt better in the afternoon, producing no more than 7 Valentine cards for his friends at school. *Where has he learned to put the rose in his mouth? Does Robin Hood do that?...* J is not too impressed.

Two beautiful roses.


Gem said...

Your kids are gorgeous! What a grin!

Thanks for stopping by my blog ad I'll keep stopping by yours.


Mia said...

Thank you, Gem.

2 1/2 years of age is a lot of joy. She looked so goofy, I just had to post it. ;)

Looking forward to follow your blog.

Dogeared said...

That's a fantastic photo of your two kids - the look on J's face is priceless!