Saturday, 16 February 2008

366 Challenge 61: View

Today the weather is absolutely glorious. My husband has taken the children to the playground and I am stuck indoors working. As I pass the living room, I stop in my tracks to admire the view. Realizing what I am doing, I run for the camera..


Dosiss said...

I just love your windows and the shutters! The picture is fab'!!

Watson Family said...

Vilken underbar utsikt!! Tänk att du får njuta av den varje dag!
Du, hur fick du till listan i vänsterkanten? Jag vill gärna ha en vänsterkolumn på min blogg, men förstår inte helt hur man gör... :(

Mia said...


Mia said...


They are gorgeous the shutters, aren't they?


Utsikten e _nastan_ vart klattringen hit upp..

Om du kikar pa main-wrapper och sidebar-wrapper i din html-fil, sa ar de de som nu utgor din main kolumn (dar posterna hamnar) och din sidebar kolumn (dar dina widgets ar) i nulaget

Om du delar upp main i 2 nya, en sidebar 2, som flyter (float) at vanster och en main2 som flyter till hoger (inom den vanstra kolumnen main) sa far du ytterligare en till. (glom inte att oka pa pixlarna pa main, sa den far plats med bade an main2 och en sidebar-tillvanster. Likasa outer-wrapper och aven title-wrapper om du vill att den ska hanga med pa bredden.

Du borde hitta tillvagagangssattet om du googlar pa "add a left column blogger"

Om du tycker det e lurigt, maila mig pa, sa kan jag alltid dra den lite langre versionen dar.

eller sa kan jag skicka dig min template (fast da far du gora om en del av dina widgets och aven om du gjort andra htmlforandringar)

Hoppas det jag sager inte later som ren rappakalja, jag programmerade ju som "ung" sa jag talar kanske i gator.

Lisa B said...

Hi Mia, how lovely to meet a 'new' 366 challenger. I have added a link to your blog on mine. (thanks for visiting my blog).
What a beautiful view from your window and lovely shutters, they frame the shot beautifully.
And as for the rose, I can almost smell the perfume.
Good luck with the 366, be warned it is addictive :0), Lisa

Photobum (Scott) said...

Wow! What a beautiful view!

I've added you to my 366 blog list.


Linda said...

Oh, you have a view that anyone would be proud to have from their house! Lovely!

Thanks for visiting my 366-photo site. I'll add your link to my list of participants.

(Oh, and your two little ones are absolutely adorable!)

one more boiled peanut, please said...

Hello, Mia. So glad to have you as part of the 366 challenge. Your photos are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing more. I've added you to my links list. Grammom

Hibe said...

Another beautiful shot. Nicely Framed (or cropped) and such a nice view drawing your eyes out the window. This is why it's a good fit for the theme.

Okay, My turn to do a little sluething Thelma. You're swedish. Your use of he english language is just that... English and not American (okay maybe Canadian). The "view" seems to be of an open commons. The grass is fairly green, but the trees are bare... OOOPS, Okay, I looked at some of your other photos and you gave it away. I was thinking just a bit further south and west, but I was close. I wouldn't have thought the grass would have been that green this time of the year, but I don't know much about where you live. Your secret hideout is safe with me, but not from yourself... lol

Dogeared said...

What beautiful view, you're very lucky!

Sara Sheehy said...

Mia, this is your view from the window? Goodness gracious, what a lucky lady you are! Maybe I'll post a view from my window today so you can see how unlucky a lady I am. :)