Monday, 4 February 2008

Time Out

Balance, I should learn from this tree. Simple, beautiful just standing still...

Today we took a decision. We really need to do something drastic in order to get ourselves and our life back on track. So a time out to find some balance in our thoughts and decision making.

Only making that decision took away the pain in my husbands eyes. The world doesn't come to a stand still if you take a few days off. The business doesn't go down if you decide to pay a supplier in a weeks time.

When the C was back from school I took my camera for a walk around the block. I've been meaning to do that for such a long time. Just stroll along the pavement letting my eyes rest on details of the neighborhood. I just love the architecture around here, I can't see enough of it.

A little time to breathe. When I arrived home, J greeted me as if I had been gone a week. My little puppy, bouncing up and down of joy.


1st Lady said...

At first glance I thought that may have been my apartment (in the 2nd building photo), but its not, the far street looks different. Very similar building indeed. Hope the weather has improved, there were some wild days recently. How many umbrellas have you destroyed so far?!

Randi said...

Tack för din kommentar på min vovse-bild!
Så mysigt det var att få följa med dig på en promis runt kvarteret. Vi har bott i England och dina bilder får mig att längta tillbaka dit. Men jag vet inte riktigt var vi har promenerat nu ...*fniss*.

Randi said...

Tack Mia, jag misstänkte det när jag läste vilken julsång ni sjöng, men var inte alls säker.
Ha en bra onsdag!

Mia said...

1st lady:

I am a non-umbrella person, so I walk around completely drenched instead. ;)

Tack, var nya stad e valdigt vacker och rolig att fota. Kul att du tyckte om min lilla promenad. :)