Thursday, 21 February 2008

*whispering* New Possibilities

Feeling almost a bit guilty even contemplating leaving this flat, after all the lovely comments on our living room view, we have booked a viewing of another flat tomorrow. After having waited for the key to the lovely garden showing outside (for over 7 months), we realize it might never turn up. And we need some sort of garden.

It might be nothing worth the effort of moving once more, or it could be a good thing, to get a better understanding of what we would like to buy here. It is closer to Cs school (not close close, but at least your legs won't feel like falling off after walking there). It is in a neighborhood we had no idea even existed, but truly beautiful with old stone buildings. It's surburbia, but with the city on the doorstep (my goodness, I sound like an estate agent!). Anyway the flat has it's own quirky details, so if the inside is a nice as the outside, we could be living in a little treasure of a home for the forseeable future.)

My day has been spent with J at home, ploughing my way through the mess my 3days-without-O-at-home has left. It was great not having to do the school run, I've been walking around in pj all day.
J having lunch.


Julie M said...

Mia, such a lovely photo of J. The lighting is perfect and the colors just pop...

Dosiss said...

No! Are you leaving the shutters??!! Can't be.......:(

Lox said...

Så spännande. Jag är så nyfiken på vart det är. :-)

Vilka vackra bilder du tar. Utsikten nedan från ert hus är fantastisk.

one more boiled peanut, please said...

I'm sure if you decide to move again it will be because you've found an even better view. Good luck with your choice. Your home now and the home you will be looking at are both beautiful. Grammom

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Hi Mia

Nice Blog!

This is a very cute photo, love the expression.

Thanks for dropping by my Blog, I have also added you to my list.

I have been away (working) and trying to catch up with everything!!

Had a quick look through your photos journal and will be back to settle down with a cuppa and enjoy.

So you are in the North East, and near John Lewis!!! Lucky you. I am in the North West.

Mia said...

julie m: Thank you, she looks very much like herself there. Very toddler.

dossis: *haha* Yes, we might actually leave shutters to get away from partyboys...(I feel old just writing such a sentence! ;)

lox: Heej! Det är området i norr som rimmar på det engelska ordet oändlighet.

grammom: Thank you for stopping by, I was amazed by your last photos, so I can't wait to see what you're up to next. ;)

linda: I thought so. ;) I will also have a better look when I have a quiet moment to spare.