Saturday, 23 February 2008

366 Challenge 325: Toy

Great thing to be a mother of 2, I thought when I saw the theme toy. I had something else in mind when for the theme, but then I saw my daughter yesterday, playing with this classic toy. I thought: "How cool wouldn't it be to get the top and bottom to be still and the rest of the toy spinning?"


Dogeared said...

Well done capturing the movement! I bought some little wooden spinning tops last year, in the Tate Modern gallery in London, and took loads of photos, trying to get the movement of them spinning - well done, great job!

Julie M said...

Oh, that is so good! I love the movement and angle. The contrast between the colors and the wood and slate beneath is really effective too. This toy makes me feel happy!

Lisa B said...

Lovely image and great capture. D'you know the funny thing is that I walked through a toy shop yesterday (I don't have children so there wasn't any reason), but I stopped and had a go at a spinning top that I saw! It was the only toy I looked at in detail.

MmeHaydee said...

what a colorful twirl/top. That is one beautiful take for the PH theme "wooden" Thanks for sharing

Mia said...

dogeared: My daughter thought it was just as fun, when I told her "one more time!". It's a real classic toy and I actually didn't have one for my son, but my daughter loves this and plays with it for long periods of time.

julie m: Thank you, I had a photo which wasn't "landscape", which took away some of the toy bricks and parts of the floor, but I though this was more toyish. I just sat down where she was playing in her room (the chest is to my left and I was just taking pictures of it when I saw her with the toy).

lisa B: It is quite an intriguing little toy. :)

mmehaydee: thank you for stopping by!

Photobum (Scott) said...

Excellent Capture Mia!

Well done!