Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Paint and IKEA

The joy of living in a small city. Today, 3hours before school pick up, we decided to go a retail park outside the city, to buy some paint. In our former life this would be a carefully planned whole day event, but not nowadays.

We have decided to give our rental flat a little update (2 new girls has moved in upstairs, no parties for a week, so odds are high that party freak has moved out!)
Since we were close to our IKEA we went there for lunch. Compared to the scruffy Big City neighborhoods, where our former IKEA stores were located, this is amazing.

A tired J at lunch

On our way back I had some fun trying to snap pictures as we were driving through the city. Most of them ended up with a big truck blocking any potential nice views, but not all of them:


malin2 said...


Roligt att se bilder från er dag.
Härligt ni verkar ha det.

Mia said...

Hej Malin2!

Vad roligt att du tittar in. :) Vi trivs riktigt bra aven om Januari och Februari pa nordligare breddgrader inte ar de mest uppmuntrande. Extra skont ar det denna veckan da maken har tagit ledigt.

En IKEA-dag ar ju alltid vard att foreviga. *fniss*


Jim said...

I love Ikea! Especially the meatballs :-)