Sunday, 3 February 2008

Baby fever

My girl, 30 September 2005 (9w old)

I have baby fever. I see little bundles of joy everywhere I go now. A little gurgle, a little sound makes me almost dizzy remembering the baby times.

Today we've been shopping for shoes. Just as we entered the store I whispered to O "does he have matching pair of socks?" When I heard the reply "no, but both are blue.." my heart sank.

Well too late now, we had promised C a pair of sneakers with flashing lights and we were already in the store. Well, if they need to measure, maybe they will only do one foot?, I though. Off course not and the "both are blue" were indeed true, however one dark navy plain sock and another bright blue, black, red sock wouldn't necessarily be described that way by me..

Anyhow, flashing sneakers we bought and C now feels like the coolest guy around. I've been working most of the day and O have been scrubbing all the floors and playing with Lego with the children.

All in all a quite ok Sunday.


Cattis said...


hittade in via Randi.
Vilken mysig blogg... jag blir så nyfiken på var du befinner dig i världen *s

och babyfeber har jag oxå lidit av till och från. Men nu har den gått över. Väntar på barnbarnen..

Ha en fantastisk dag!

Mia said...

Hej Cattis!

Tack for din snalla kommentar, den gjorde verkligen min dag. :) Babyfebern far halla pa ett tag till, kanske det blir en 3:e en vacker dag.

Nu blir jag nyfiken pa vem du e. Bast jag kollar efter.