Sunday, 15 June 2008

366 Challenge 123: Treasure

Today, we went to a Nature Conservation Area close to where we are staying. In July, we are celebrating our engagement anniversary *well, we are actually extremely bad at celebrating anniversaries, to tell you the truth I wouldn't be able to tell you the date of our wedding out of the blue...*

Anyway, we bought this house 3 years ago, but the funny thing is, that back in our London days, when I shared a flat with Crille and O, I had more 1 week more vacation to enjoy than O and I simply needed to get away from the boys after 6 months together, so I rented a holiday flat. The flat is actually only a couple of minutes away from here. I spent a lovely week only reading and watching the sea and then O came here as well and we got engaged "somewhere on the cliffs" in the Nature Conservation Area that we visited today.

Since we most probably will spend the end of July here, we are planning to engage my dad in some baby sitting and take a picnic out to the lovely spot where we got engaged. Only problem is...we don't exactly remember where this was.

All we know is that is was not the place we went to today. We have to do a new excursion every weekend and hopefully we will have found "our spot" by end of July...

Anyway, we had great fun today, me mostly taking photos and O and the children playing.
We also collected treasures to take home.


Julie M said...

Beautiful shot and the best kind of treasure...

Dogeared said...

Aww - I hope you find your spot!

And that's a beautiful picture of the shells!

Lisa B said...

A lovely shot, so vibrant, and what a romantic story! Happy anniversary!

Linda said...

It's the middle of the year already, and, as a way to celebrate, I am inviting each of you 366-ers to prepare a post featuring your own five favorite images you've posted during the first six months of this 366 challenge. I've been amazed at some of the photography you all have posted, and am looking forward to seeing which ones you pick out as your own favorites.

After selecting your five favorites, re-post them on any day between now and 6/30, all in a single post, titled "My Favorites - First 6 Months." Indicate whether or not you'd like feedback.

To make your five stay at the top of your blog, first publish your post with the current date and time. This will make it appear on your blog. Then, edit the post to change the date in "Post Options" to a future date ... say July 6 ... and publish it again. I'll try to post mine soon, to use as a model.

Mia said...

julie m: I just love sea shells, they are so beautiful!

dogeared: I think I know where it is, O was certain this was the spot, but we realized it wasn't, so we are going to try mine next weekend.

lisa b: Thank you, I will show you pictures of our spot when we find it.

linda: What a brilliant idea, will do!