Thursday, 26 June 2008


This was the first Midsummer weekend spent in Sweden since 1999..hence the first time with the kids, which felt very special. The weekend was extremely windy and we didn't know for sure if there was going to be any celebrations at all, we were wondering how on earth they were going to get the pole up in the wind. Above is a typical Swedish Midsummer pole. Around this people gather up with picnics and (mostly) children and parents dance around the pole singing traditional children's folk songs. (Which one is about frogs, C didn't really believe me when I told him that we were going to meet up with a lot of families and daddy was going to jump around a pole singing "quack-ack-ack *Swedish frogs don't say "ribit", they sounds like ducks... ;)

The gorgeous lady standing by the leafy pole was playing the accordion and singing and I was soo proud of my non-Swedish boy, who wanted go up to her and thank her for singing so beautifully!

My biggest challenge of the day was to only use "cool flowers" in Cs flower wreath. Unfortunately, the wind gave my wreaths about 1.5 minutes to live and this photo is taken just about 30 minutes later..

J in her supersized wreath. I loved making this, though. All pink and summery..

J is trying her first frog dance, with some advice from dad.

Some more dancing.

After the celebrations it was back to our house, where O and my dad started building the patio..will post photos when it is finished.


Julie M said...

Mia, thank you so much for sharing your Swedish Midsummer's festival! I had vaguely heard of this type of event before but have never witnessed it. I don't think it translates to North America. Anyway, it sounds so lovely and fun for the family. And what beautiful wreaths you made for the children.

Mia said...

Thank you Julie, it was really nice being among other Midsummer celebrators as when we usually do our thing in UK people tend to wonder what sort of crazy people we are *also midsummer celebrating brits normally has do to with stonehenge and not so the cheerful, childing dancing around flowers..*

Linda said...

I loved seeing your photos of this celebration! It sounds like a marvelous thing for children and their families! Your wreaths are stunning! I wouldn't know how to begin to make something like that. The pictures were great, because they made me feel like I was there.

Lisa B said...

Mia, these are beautiful photos of your Midsummer celebrations, thanks for sharing them with us.

Dogeared said...

It was lovely to see what a Swedish Midsummer celebration was like - I didn't know many people celebrated it! The kids look lovely with their flowers, and I'm sure they had loads of fun with you, dancing!

amelia said...

Åh, vilka härliga bilder från midsommar! Midsommarkransen var underbar, stora fina blommor i härliga färger!