Saturday, 14 June 2008

366 Challenge 56: Magazine

*Iiiih* This is going to be my new hobby for the next couple of weeks. We have decided to spend most of the summer in our summer house. *O can just as well commute here as to Scotland* and here we have a house and garden and don't have to spend our summer in a flat until we find ourselves a house.

We've already been back and forth over the past 2 months, but now it's going to be mostly forth. ;)

3years ago we bought our summer house. It had no walls upstairs and we have actually not done much about it until this year *my dad has put up walls and I've been painting. O had the honour of doing the grubby plastering and sanding..* and since we have decided to put more focus into this house for the coming weeks it will also have a new patio (hopefully buiders arrive on Monday) and we will also put in a new window in our bedroom, it will give me a great view of the sea from the bed, can't wait!! So..the magazines I read from now on are "window catalogues" and any magazine to do with building your house! *iiiiih*


Julie M said...

What an exciting summer you'll be having. It will be great fun planning and creating your summer place. Have fun and please share photos!

Anna said...

You sound VERY happy about staying there over summer! anna uk

Denise Olson said...

oooo, do enjoy, Mia. and have fun with the renovations.

Dogeared said...

Good luck with all the work, and don't forget to keep us posted!

Linda aka Elemobe said...

I love hearing about your summer house - it reminds me of all our Swedish friends - it is such a Swedish thing to do, and so wonderful, to have a place to escape to in the summer.

Sounds great (fun?).