Sunday, 8 June 2008

366 Challenge 96: Reminder

Today, we had a birthday party. Someone very special came to see us. He also got to try wii for the first time. It was a great reminder of all the fun we had while co-living, Crille, O and me in London, in a pre-kids era. We miss him already and look forward to Wednesday when he will come to visit us again, (O will buy more wii-controls until then!!)


Julie M said...

Thanks a great photo - a reminder of happy times. Love it!

Dogeared said...

So there's Crille! Looks like fun playing with the Wii ;-)

crille said...

Yes that's me... :)

And I have to say playing table tennis on wii was a blast! It was just a bit tough on the ego being beaten by a six-year-old... I didn't stand a chance.