Monday, 31 March 2008

366 Challenge 43: Friend - and Happy Birthday Wishes!

C has repeatedly said "I made 3 friends at the farm" and he sure did. Other children went into the sheeps, but 3 of them just stood against C wanted him to stroke them.

Today is also Crille's birthday. I have been looking through old school photos of him, thinking it would be hilarious with some kind of official humiliation, but I changed my mind (after talking to him on the phone yesterday and he reminded me of all he has on me!)
So instead we simply wish him a happy birthday today!

Happy birthday, Crille!


Watson Family said...

I have a question about your challenge: you apparently choose which theme you want to use every day; is there any of the other members who are sticking to the list, and doing it according to that? Theme after theme, as the list goes? That must be even trickier!

I admire you, for sticking with this challenge, it can't be easy remembering doing one photo every day! I would have trouble, for sure.
And, I like your photos too! Keep up the good work!

Mia said...


No, I don't think anyone does them "in order". You can read more about the challenge here:

Lillie dAmour said...

Hej vännen!
Hur är det? Kram

Linda said...

Mia, what a precious photo. Your children are just so adorable.

Watsons, I agree with Mia that no one I know of is doing the list in order. The original rules said you could do them in any order.

Lisa B said...

Lovely shot!