Sunday, 30 March 2008

Day at the farm

Today we went to Nordens Ark, a wild life reserve close to our village. We, however didn't go there for the wild life, but the farm animals. I love the contemporary Noah's Arc style barn.

C and J, comfy on their way to the barn...

C peaking down from the hay loft

C loved cuddling with the sheep. He must have sat there over 30 minutes. 3 of the sheep almost lay on top of him in the end and he was very amused by their nibbling at his coat!


Julie M said...

These are wonderful shots! I love the ark building too. And the photo of your son with the sheep is especially priceless.

Lisa B said...

Mia, I love those barns! The children look like they had a great time. Perfect for your 366 farmyard theme.

Mia said...

Julie m, lisa b::

Thank you, I particularly like the angle of the barns looking into the yard. They look really impressive.
I also have some more photos from our trip for the 366 challenge. ;)

I had my trusted list with me and the other people visiting the barn looked rather curiously when I exclaimed "wow, a COW! *thinking of my 366 list* and started clicking away like I've never seen a cow before. ;)

(Actually the cow photos were not that good, but I managed to cover a couple of themes.)

Dogeared said...

You made me laugh with your comment about the list and exclaiming "Wow, a cow!" - all those unenlightened people who don't know what 366 is!

It looks a great place to take the kids out for the day, and like you had a great time there - yay for C making friends with the sheep - they must be quite tame in a petting zoo! (unlike the wild sheep I met on a Yorkshire moor when I was about his age, who smelt the Hula Hoop crisps I was eating and tried to steal them out of the bag in my hands! Scared me :lol:).

Looking forward to more photos! :D

Mia said...

Vad roligt det var att snurra runt på din blogg! Du är på semester på västkusten som jag bor väldans nära, du bor i en stad som jag ska besöka om en och en halv vecka, då min kusin bor där nu för tiden! Hoppas ni hade det trevligt på Nordens Ark! Det är trevligt att åka dit på vinterhalvåret!