Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Sign of life

I cannot believe I've been off blogging for over a week! Life has had it's way of forcing us to really think through our life situation at present.

We are all well (well, nothing has happened healthwise since last time I wrote), it's other things that has escalated beyond "oh, it will probably sort itself out". That together with a very manic work situation (due to potentially 2 weeks in Sweden starting Sunday *yeay*) has made me put the camera on the shelf for a little while. I am having so many ideas (and hopefully a larger amount of blissfull moments to reflect) during our time in Sweden, so I will soon be back in the game.

I've had quite a good Tuesday. O took a later flight this morning, so instead of waking up without him, he was here saying goodbye this morning, going to work, almost "normally". It gave our day a very good start. Also, yesterday I managed to track down one little bottle of nasal steroids that made such a difference in my life earlier this year (when my prescription was to be renewed, it was out of stock and something wrong with the production line, so nowhere to be found). But, stubborn as a goat, I called round to all pharmacies in our city and manged to find one, so now I am much better again. Really coping quite well, actually.

Comment of the day: J has not had her usual little nap in the car on our way to pick-up and was quite tired today. At 7pm she *who usually HATES going to bed, screaming and kicking along the way*, says: "De e mitt i NATTEN, MÅSTE gå och lägga oss!" ("it's the middle of the night, HAVE TO go to bed now!"


Larssons said...

Jag har saknat dig här i bloggvärlden. Vad kul med Sverigeresa, hoppas att du(ni?) får det bra.

Dosiss said...

"I cannot believe I've been off blogging for over a week!" I started to wonder. You almost forget that people have other things to to than blogging.....

Julie M said...

Glad to see you back, Mia. And glad also that you've got some medicine to help you.

Dosiss said...

And I thought I left u a message? Must have flown away. Pliz come back.

Mia said...

larssons: Vi aker allihop, fast B kommer aka hit och jobba lite. 2 dagar kvar, sen e jag har igen!

dossis: Forlat, jag gick inte ens in hit for att kolla kommentarer forran nu. 2 dar till och sen e det bara blogging om jag narmar mig datorn. :)

glas pask!

Julie M: Thank you, it's amazing how much difference it is when you get a medication that actually helps you, especially when being along with 2 children for a couple of days. But now I have hubbie with me for another 11 days *yay*, just 2 more days of work and then I have vacation for 2 weeks! (iiih)