Friday, 28 March 2008

Visiting the Police station

Pretty wooden houses in Uddevalla.

Sometimes the id-thing is the great thing about Sweden. A couple of years back, I was going to surprice O with a trip abroad on his birthday. It all backfired a bit as he couldn't find his passport. But, being Swedish and planning to go to Denmark, the police at Heathrow just phoned the border police in Denmark and asked if he could fly into Denmark on his Swedish ID. Yes, that was perfectly fine. We arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday, had dinner in the evening. Sunday morning we took the train over to Sweden and picked up a new passport at the police station, got back to Denmark and then flew home.

So when we noticed two weeks ago, that Cs passport expired last year in October, we weren't too worried. It went perfectly fine to travel to Sweden on it. Today we went to the police station in Uddevalla to get a new one. The lady police helping us with the new passport application wasn't too convinced that it was a straight forward thing.

"It says here that you have emmigrated. *and to make it even more obvious she adds:*

"In bold red!"

We assured her that since we are Swedish citizens our passports are not issued by anyone else than the Swedish authorities.

"Well, ok then..." and adds then: "But it might take over a week!"

We said: "ok, then we have to just do a temporary one, because we need it next weekend".

Faced with this fact the lady exclaims in horror: "And pay 1000SEK (70pounds) just for one trip??!!" *as if we were the worst money spending people on earth.*

"Well, if it takes over a week?"

"You can pick it up on Thursday!"


C found it very, very exciting to visit the police station. I think he was expecting "badies" chained up in the corners, so maybe a Swedish small town police station was a bit of a disappointment... We measured him and he was 111cm long (J was just 92 with shoes!) He had practiced his signature all the way there in the car, but didn't notice that he didn't have to sign the actual application.

C waiting to be served at the police station.

J equipped with some broschures about the police services in the area.


crille said...

Hi, hi... dom e beresta i Uddevalla :)

Kom att tänka på min ungdom när vi åkte buss i typ två timmar för att gå ut i Uddevalla. VARFÖR??? Säger allt om Löllölle... :)

Dogeared said...

C and J are very cute - glad you're getting the passports sorted!

Family Fors said...

Att fa ett pass pa ambassaden i Washington D.C. tar flera manader.... en vecka later snabbt.