Friday, 7 March 2008

Croc angst

The last week as been absolutely manic. All deliveries has arrived at once, so really should have worked around the clock. O has been in the Big City as usual and out of the blue *been waiting since December* I get an appointment to have a 24h bloodpressure check. So Wednesday I wasn't allowed to take any pain killers whatsoever, in the evening, the kids and I, headed for the hospital to have it installed on my arm. C, who's had his fair share of "mummy in hospital" when he was around 3-4years old completely freaked out when we were there and it was a good thing I managed to get hold of his coat, as he was dashing out of the room. Afterwards he told me "mamma, I wouldn't run away, I would have waited for you outside the hospital." *Well, good to know..*

He explained later that he got so so scared when the lady told me that I had to stop whatever I was doing as the monitor beeped. He was thinking what would happen if I was crossing a street, having to stop. I could have been hit by a car! Luckily there were some cute rabbits just by our car when we were leaving, so they together with remembering some really funny Mr Bean moments he managed to calm down.

So during Wednesday evening, night and Thursday I had my pressure checked every 15 minute (30min apart at nighttime). I was also supposed to do all the things I cannot really do, so didn't really sit down those 2 days at all. It was a while since I experienced such a bad headache, but hopefully it is now all registered with the monitor and help won't be far away!

As I logged off at 6pm last night, I had my weekly mission no 2 head. Making a "Giant Crocodile outfit". If I am not very good at cooking, really bad at gardening, I am absolutely worse when it comes to sewing.., but I decided to have a go, so I disected a cuddly lizzard from IKEA, sew it on the back of a green top C had. When O came home late last night, he had brought a green cap, which he sat down with to sew paper eyes and teeth on. At midnight we were finished and here is C this morning with his crocodile outfit. He felt very cool indeed and is roaring in this picture..

My ferocious croc


Katta1 said...

Åh så fantastiskt fin han blev, mammas krokodil!! Ni ska vara jättestolta båda två!

Larssons said...

superfint! Det gjorde du fantastiskt bra. Han ser stolt ut.

Dosiss said...

Crocingly lovely;)

Dogeared said...

I think that's a cool costume, well done! :D

(and I hope whatever's making you ill is solved and cured soon [hug])

Dogeared said...
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Watson Family said...

Vilken cool croc! Det blev ju jättebra - vilket jobb du gjort!!!

Linda said...

What a fantastic costume!

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been in poor health. I pray that the doctors will find an answer to your problems.

Your children are adorable!

Julie M said...

He's a very ferocious crocodile indeed! I can almost hear his roar!

Frida said...

Härlig krokodil!! Han ser lite mallig ut i sin kostym lillkillen :-)

Ha dé gott