Saturday, 1 March 2008

ok, we have another move ahead..

We went on the viewing yesterday morning. My mind was set on "it's going to be grubby and extremely dated, so keep your head cool". It was neither "mindblowingly fresh and beautiful" nor "terrible and grubby". It was in between. Beautiful with some things not really to my taste, but some other things truly winning us over. It also had a lovely kitchen, high ceilings and lots of privacy. A very homely "housey" flat.

In short, we really liked the feel of it.

So the day was spent throwing ourselves head over heals in front of another couple who had started negociating rent, but not completely made up their mind yet. And we got it!

It has mostly carpet *which is not my preferred option of flooring*, but the children's rooms where not and nor where the kitchen or downstairs hallway (or bathrooms!).

Children's rooms

There were a lot of old-fashioned curtains, which changed or just simply removed will make a lot of difference:

Looking at the above picture everything is so proportionate that you can't really see the ceiling height, but look at the picture below, when O is standing by a the window in the neighboring room:

The main part of the flat is on one floor, but there is a bonus with a converted loft and a little viewing point at the top of the house, where you, if you squeeze yourself up there, can see the sea!

We've had some set backs this week regaring O starting to work up here, so we really needed this positive injection into our life. Now I am focusing on new house, new beginnings rather than what could have been. I am so looking forward to get out of this situation, where we are constantly waiting for someone to keep their promise (regarding key to garden outside) and also we won't have anyone above us, so no more noisy parties upstairs!


one more boiled peanut, please said...

It looks lovely, Mia. The kitchen is just beautiful. My fingers are crossed that everything works out for you and all your worries will soon be gone. Grammom

Dogeared said...

Yay for you getting it! It sounds like the positives won you over, and the not-quite-positives can be changed, like the curtains - so yay!

I hope things settle down and improve for you too [hug].

crille said...

Schyrre!!! Ser ju grymt bra ut! När blir flytten? Nu får ni ju mer havsutsikt än vad vi har... fast vi behöver iofs inte klättra upp på vinden. ;-)

Imorgon ska jag åka skidor i Limone Piemonte i Italien... Ska se om jag inte kan ta och pricka av ett par teman där.... snökristall... berg... hmmm... förhoppningsvis solglasögon... får kolla listan om det är några fler som passar.

Watson Family said...

Åh, men vad fint det ser ut! Underbart kök och vilken takhöjd! Oaw!
När flyttar ni?

Lisa B said...

The apartment looks lovely Mia, and wow those are high ceilings AND a sea view! Good luck with the move.

Mia said...

grammom: Thank you, fingers crossed things are moving up. ;)

dogeared: Thank you!! *feeling very smug with deal* :)

crille: Hope Italy was nice, looking forward to seeing more photos. I haven't touched the camera this weekend, only working.. :(

watson family: Tack, vad kul att se dig. Vi kommer ha dubbla lägenheter ett tag, så flytten blir nog ganska lugn. I april skulle jag tro.

lisa b: Thank you!

Frida Pixelbloggen said...

Ser underbart ut, vilken takhöjd! Hoppas att allt löser sig och att ni ska trivas på det nya stället.

Ha dé gott!

Larssons said...

OHHH MY GOD!!!! Vill ni ha en au pair???
Vilken rymd, vilken utsikt, vilken charm.
Åhh så fint och jag håller tummarna för att allt går smidigt


Mia said...

frida: Tack för att du tittade förbi, jag kikar snart in hos dig igen. :)

larssons: Vi har plats för en hel au-pairfamilj på vinden. ;) Princesstorn ingår i kontraktet. Ska posta mer bilder sen när annonsen inte ligger och ryker på nätet.

Nu ska jag dyka isäng.

Linda said...

Mia, that is just a lovely home! I love the tall windows, and the wood floors. The kitchen is just the greatest. Good find. Oh . . . and your photos are great, too.

1st Lady said...

Looks lovely! Hope this one works out perfectly for you!

PatB said...

Congratulations - hope it all works out for you. A very pretty home with all the wood and sunlight. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour through your camera's eye - well done!