Tuesday, 16 September 2008

366 Challenge 1: Sparkle

sparkle 366 Photo challenge

This is a photo I took one evening when we went to the beach this summer. I just love watching the sea and O was pushing the children on the swings and I turned my lense to the water. I love the sparkles on the water. A good reminder of the summer that was.

I am also so happy to let you know that this move has for sure put the sparkle back in our life. C has now been going to two different activities, one being a movie making class and another going back to his old gym. He definitely has got his sparkles in his eyes back, he seems so happy and content here as if the move back has made him "forget" about Edinburgh. We talked about it the other day, he was having a particularly difficult day and he told me that he felt as if he had had a really bad dream. And when he woke up, he didn't really remember it all, but then something reminds him of the dream and it all comes flooding back. We had a Scottish removal company helping us with the move and these guys were brilliant and very good with the children, but C had this dark look in his eyes for 2 days afterwards and that's when he told me about his "dream" and that he knows that some things trigger his memories and feelings.

Anyway, he has had a couple of really fantastic days, I feel as if I am definitely getting my boy back. He is going to his gym class tonight and yesterday, when we went there with J and he tagged along all the teachers came up to him and chatted and he was almost another boy in the evening.

So sparkles all around.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot, Mia, and so glad to hear the sparkles are coming back!

Mia said...

Thank you, Julie! Oh, they are. Last night when I told C how much I loved him, he said "AND I now have a "frök" (which is the equivalent of saying "a teach" of a teacher") who loves me." (meaning the lovely teacher at his gym)

DebCam said...

the sparkles and scene are really lovely.

PatB said...

Gorgeous with the light dancing on the water!