Tuesday, 30 September 2008

366 Challenge 172: Black & White


We went to IKEA on Sunday. The children played in Småland, while O and I did an express tour through the store. Amazing how much you can squeeze in in 45minutes, when you are used to having two little people with you. We tried all sofas, looked though all kitchen tables, got some nice wooden venetian blinds for the living room and cutlery and plates as well as the usual candles and paper napkins. On our way to the car, the children spotten the carousel and had a go. I tried this in greyscale (in photoshop *update, no it was Paint Shop*) and usually my children are so fair that a grey scale photo just ends up like a grey blur, but this one I liked.

*Tick - another theme down.*

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PatB said...

Well that's neat, having somewhere fun for the children to play while you shop!