Thursday, 4 September 2008

366 Challenge 121: Alcohol

Alcohol 366 Photo Challenge

I took this photo in May and I never ever thought I would post it, but here we go. I was hoping O and I was going to have an evening out and I would drink some gorgeous drink that I would take an amazing photo of, but I am realizing that it might not happen this side of New Year, so I will go for this very natural "whiskey on the fence" shot. :)

I am actually a complete cluts when it comes to alcohol. I have just not ever had the role of buying it. In Sweden it's a whole project as all retail of alcohol is sold by the government *my goodness, it sounds like Russia, thinking of it!*. Anyway, the Alcohol store is only open during "office hours" so you can imagine the queues on a Friday afternoon, everyone trying to get hold of their supply for the weekend. So I have not really bothered about it, having always had friends or boyfriends more interested of going through this hassle for "the perfect bottle of wine".

Since I am at it I can tell you of one of the first impressions I made on O on our first date. We met at university, so we did lab works together for a couple of months (both really interested in that particular course, basically studying together day and night with none of us having the guts to make a move).
Anyway, when we finally realized that we couldn't part *when the course was finished!* and when we were about to have our first romantic night, I was at O's place. I had done myself up (and so had he) and we were both a bit nervous actually. He was just going to fetch something in the other room and asked me to pour the wine. I, who still at 22years of age, still had never opened a wine bottle (not a wine virgin, but just the buying and opening part, I had not done...), thought to myself OK, I can do that!, and simply took out a bottle from the cupboard and poured two big glasses.

When he entered the room, he took a look at the bottle, the glasses and then me, standing there proudly waiting by the wine glasses on the kitchen counter and gave me one of those "you're hopeless, but that only makes me love you even more"-smiles, which I have seen a lot during our (13!!) years together.

Without a seconds though, I had taken a bottle out of the cupboard, screwed the cork off and filled two big wine glasses with whiskey.


Julie M said...

OH, Mia, I love the story. How cute! And the photo is great. Must be a funny reminder of that first date?

Mia said...

*haha* Yes, I actually remembered that episode as I was posting the photo. ;)

Dosiss said...

Aaawww, so cute!

Luxlatte said...

hej hej, nu jag hag länkat till dig också, fattar inte hur jag missade det, kollar ofta i din blogg eftersom jag gillar foton, fast mina finns kvar i den gamla bloggen som också lever. Kram

PatB said...

Lovely story Mia, a nice memory that makes you smile. Like the bottle against the sky.

DebCam said...

nice amber color...and I love reading your stories.