Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Blogger Hints and Tips

You might have noticed my new blogrolls in the right hand column? I noticed this new feature by Blogger the other day as I was going to do something with my settings.

I think it's such a great feature, that I want to let you know about this. You just choose "Add new Gadget" as usual in your Elements Page and choose Blog List. You can choose what level of details you want to show. I think the "Last updated" option is great, not only for your blogvisitors, but also for yourself.

You have to do your blog list all over again, but I think it's well worth the effort.


rajson said...

Välkommen tillbaka.
Läste hur snurrigt ni har haft det.Hoppas allting lugnar sig!
Ha det gott!

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Thanks for the tip off Mia, it's an excellent feature - I can see at a glance now who has updated - brilliant!

Mike said...

Wonderful tip! Just waned to say thanks for pointing it out for the rest of us.