Friday, 12 September 2008

366 Challenge 22: Technology


We are finally here (and online again after the move). Last saturday we got up at 3.30am, took the plane to our "new city" and straight to our new house. The house is very spacious, light and I think we are going to have a great time here!!! *Big sigh of relief!*

Just arriving here and starting to unpack would usually be enough to exhaust me for days, but I also had to shock myself with a business trip into the city on Monday. The people I was about to meet had moved to a new location. When I heard the address, I smiled to myself.

I know this is stretching the theme a bit, but here we go:

In a former life (pre-kids), when I had a go at being some sort of high flying business woman, I did my own little fair share of contribution to the techology of the world. I was the project manager of the very genious guys who took part in the invention of bluetooth and infrared technology for mobile phones. As I was going to my meeting (for my current job, not very techy at all!) I passed my "old office" and I couldn't help taking a couple of photos. At this very corner, I had my meetings back in those days.


Linda aka Elemobe said...

Mia, I love your tales, always interesting. I don't think this is a stretch on the theme at all. The personal history is sufficient. Great idea.

All sounds very exhausting at present. Wishing you all the best in your new home.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda, the story and photo fit the theme perfectly. Enjoy your new home...

Luxlatte said...

Ser verkligen fram emot att få kika på insidan. Nu har vi verkligen tagit höst, vi slakade poolen idag. Det vvar verkligen slakt för ingen av oss orkade göra rent den eller tömma den så vi körde kniiven i den och good bye :-) Kram M

Mia said...

Linda and Julie m, Thank you for stopping by. I left my charger for the camera in Sweden, but son and O is probably going there this weekend to pick up our last things, so I will soon be able to use my camera again.

luxlatte: Haha, we should have done the same thing with ours I think (killing the paddling pool at the end of summer), but it survived and will probably be quite a sore sight next summer.. ;)