Sunday, 30 November 2008

Advent Preparations

Christmas Bouquet
366 challenge: 14 Wooden (bouquet)

Today our household is a busy one. I wish I had my advent candle holder ready to show you, but it is still to be decorated later today. We have started putting out some Christmas decorations in the house, though and it must be the earliest ever in our household *and I am a little proud of myself*!

No santas are spread around the house yet, just some glimmering items and candles, lots of candles. I put the electric advent lights out in the windows yesterday, but not all windows, I will take a shot when it's all done.

This, little cone bouquet has made it out of my Christmas Boxes and with the day light gone by 3, I hurried out in the garden and I managed to borrow some of the last light of the day to take this shot.

The rest of the family is out buying ingredients for some baking I indend to do this afternoon.

I long for tonight, when the house will smell of soft gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and we have decorated our Avent candle holder.

I wish you a wonderful 1st of Advent.


Amelia said...

Hoppas att ni har en riktigt mysig 1:a advent!

Anonymous said...

I hope you share more of your holiday traditions with us. Enjoy the season!