Friday, 21 November 2008

Show and Tell: Jewellery


This week's theme on the Show and Tell is jewellery. I am recycling my ring photo from early summer, as these are almost the only pieces of jewellery that I have.

It's not that I don't like jewellery, I love it! I think it's more the "baby years" that makes anything that a baby can pull or get hooked on, is more a nuisance than necessarily something that enhances your life.

My sister in law (to be) asked me the other week when they were visiting why I didn't use earrings and I replied, because of the baby..she looked at my 3year-old sitting with hair-clips in her hair putting a jigsaw of 24 pieces together...and we had quite a good laugh.

I realize that I am starting to have more interest in clothes nowadays and I realize that maybe it's time to have some jewellery in my life again. *nudge, nudge to O if he reads this...*

The rings on the photo are my engagement ring and my wedding ring. We did the english way, when getting rings, so I got the one with the stone for our engagement and we exchanged the more plain, textured rings when we got married.

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Nilla said...

Vackra! Ha det gott.

Anna, Fair and True said...

Verkligen vackra ringar!

Fritt ur hjärtat said...

Verkligen snygga ringar. Måste nog påpeka att barn är inget hinder för smycke;-))
Lägger till dig i min lista!