Wednesday, 26 November 2008

7 things about me


I have been challenged by iki. Thank you for picking me, I love challenges!

The Rules:
- Link to the person that have challenged you and add these rules to you blog.
- Reveal seven things about yourself, both ordinary or/and crazy.
- Challenge seven new people by adding their name and links in the end of the post.
- Let the challenged people know that they have been challenged, by posting a comment on their blog.

7 things about me:

1. I love the colour purple. Really dark purple and if it is also made from velvet, I completely melt.

2. My hair is blond and my eyes are brown-greenish.

3. I always "tie" my shopping bags into a little knot, so that they fit neatly into our cupboard, which makes my husband crazy having to struggle with a knot everytime he needs a shopping bag.

4. One would think from no 3, that I am a tidy person, but I am not. If I enter a room, odds are that it will be chaos in there any time soon.

5. My weakest characteristcs of all is waiting, especially if I am waiting for someone else to make up their mind about something that I want. It is literally destroying me.

6. My "obsessive-compulsive thing" *you know like having to close a closet door 4 times before it's properly closed or counting something* is the feeling that I am attached to an elastic band. If I go to the store, I have to walk on "the same side" of a lamp post both on my way to the store as well as back from the store, otherwise the rubber band get's tangled...

7. I am really good at making pancakes.

I challenge: Cissi, Dossis, Amelia, Annika, Luxlatte, Anette, Barbamorsan


Anette said...

Jaha, minsann! Gummiband? Tänk vad mycket konstigheter man får veta *ler*. Jag ska fundera ett tag på utmaningen! /Anette

Mia said...

*fniss* Jag vet, men jag är tacksam att barnen tog udden av de små slängarna av fixa ideer som jag hade..har inte "känt gummibandet" sen de kom till världen, jag har väl inte tid! ;)

Annika said...

Vi har trean gemensamt så det bara skriker om det. Jag är precis likadan!
Ska försöka göra listan i nästa vecka!!

janet said...


Thanks for stopping by; I will catch up with you and your delightful blog after my Thanksgiving company ( my 91 y.o.parents) leaves on Friday.


Amelia said...

Det var en kul utmaning! Jag försöker svara så snart jag kan, behöver lite tid att klura ut 7 olika saker... Det var roligt att få veta lite mer om dig ;)