Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Do you want to see our guest room?

During my EFIT-post on Saturday, I promised you photos of how our guest room turned out. To start with it looked like this:

Quite a horrible room. Ugly curtains, a lamp that had seen better days... This far, we have only used it to store boxes.


With a light grey blind from IKEA instead of the curtains, the room feels brighter with cleaner lines. The table, was rescued from O's parent's basement when we moved in together 13 years ago. The table lamp is from IKEA as well as the ceiling lamp *a bargain at £14.99*! The bed is IKEA as well..

Guest room

IKEA Hemnes mirror and IKEA vases makes the Magnolia walls look cleaner and brighter.

We also put one of our sofas in here as we have ordered a Kramfors Fräsig Brun *giggle, it's a very corny Swedish description, sort of how you said cool in the 60s..* leather sofa for our living room. It feel almost a bit weird having "grown out of" our first leather suit. This is the only expensive piece of furniture that we have bought together, and hearing myself say to C: "Mum and Dad bought these chairs when we first lived together." made me feel very grown up. Anyway, we'll see if I can live with my Fräsiga brown leathersofa or if I will be sneaking into our guest room when I need a good relaxed moment...

oh, and the pillow, quilt and lamp is IKEA as well...


Cissi said...

åh så fint det blev! det behövs inte mycket för att piffa upp ett rum.

Anna, Fair and True said...

Å vad vackert det är! Härligt med öppen spis också! Jag gillade särskilt bordet framför fönstret också! Tror du nämnde att du ville öppna B&B någon dag - kan tänka mig att det skulle vara så fint inrett!

Petra H said...

Jättefint gästrum - där skulle jag gärna vilja sova ;-)