Thursday, 6 November 2008

Enjoying Halloween

J looking a bit like "Lisabeth" in Madicken *Swedish series*

We had a great Halloween. Our street turned into Trick or Treat Lane! We weren't sure that the children really wanted to go out trick or treating. C, loving everything scary, have had night mares lately and the closer to Halloween we came, the less he talked about going out in the dark...

It all turned out really well, because children was constantly ringing our door bell and my scary cat princess and pirate was fully occupied with opening our front door and offering candy and balloons to the scary creatures outside.

Cat Princess and Fierce Pirate

Dear Brother


Anonymous said...

Halloween is so fun when the children are little. And it looks like they had a blast!

Annika said...

Vad kul!
Ja, jag gillar verkligen Halloween! En mysig tradition!!

Anna, Fair and True said...

Hon såg verkligen ut som Lisabet där!