Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New 2008

We sure have missed most of the happenings since moving to our new town. I only heard the Big Show in the end of summer, we have not been to the Winter wonderland only minutes away, neither have we heard much of the renouned street party going on a couple of streets away for the past evenings.

But we did catch a glimpse of these fireworks last night from our kitchen window. I tried to wake up C as promised, but it didn't work, so O carried him to the kitchen and he looked with big eyes at the fantastic fireworks while we whispered "Happy New Year" to him.

We might just as well have shouted like everybody else, because J soon realized something odd was going on, so the first 30 minutes of 2008, we both spent with a child each, singing and soothing. I joined the people outside and sang Auld Lang Syne for C as he went back to sleep.

We then went to bed and made some giggling new year resolutions. *They are seriously so booring that I thought they would do perfectly well as a post on its own on the blog, but O had me promise not to tell..*

We then fell asleep to the sound of a celebrating city, there was an open air concert with someone singing Pink Floydish music.

I actually felt really good. A good start to a new year.

PS. I am feeling a little stupid not having seen some of your comment earlier, I had mistakenly switched on "moderate comments". Here I was thinking I was moaning into outer space with noone listening and I have had very caring and kind comments. Thank you, guys!


Lillie dAmour said...

Happy New year darling.
What can I say? It much drain all your energy going with that pain and its really frustrating that nobody takes the pain seriously.
Lots of Love

Dosiss said...

I wish you and your family a very happy new year. I wish you a painless year; hug.

Mia said...


Happy New Year to you to! Have managed to book an "emergency appointment" in saturday with someone who is supposed to know..

No heart ache my friend, hope you have a had a good day today.



Thank you, Happy New Year to you to!

biiig hug back!