Monday, 31 December 2007

No, I am not crying

on New Year's Eve. I've got pain killers now. :)
Today, I've had the honour of doing the full byreaucratic round in our new town. In the morning I called a private hospital only to be told that I was welcome after I had received a referral from a GP (which I don't have..).

I was told to call the national health helpline, who gave me a bunch of telephone number to different practicies in my area. Upon calling a GP practise, I got an appointment in the afternoon, but they then changed their mind sending me directly to the emergency unit at the hospital. At the hospital, I did my waiting among other not so lucky New Year celebrators only to hear from a doctor that this was the completely wrong way of finding an ENT specialist. Yes, they had an ENT unit there, but I could not meet them by going to the emergency unit, I had to get a...

GP! When I told her that I had had serious trouble breathing last night, she took a look in my throat and told me "well, you can breath now, if it changes, call an ambulance.."

So I managed to rebook my appointment with the GP surgery, same slot as before and upon seing this doctor, he told me that sinus pain was nonsense and had I ever tried steam....

Seriously, this almost brought my good mood back, these middle aged men are soooo stupid, I am not going to loose to them! No way! I am better than that. I told him, that he really had to write me a referral because the only reason I was sitting in that chair was because I had to, to be able to see someone who actually dared looking in my nose.

I got the referral from a very grumpy man, but by then the private hospital outpatient had closed for the holidays.

But, my tears at A & E produced a couple of pain killers, so New Years Eve is very pleasant at the moment.

So champagne is out for me tonight, but we have been looking at old films of our beautiful little ones and really been remembering the good times. We have good food, fabulous other treats, *whispering* Grey's.. and I have promised to wake C just before midnight, our new countrymen are known for their fireworks display at New Year and I am hoping some will be viewable from our kitchen.

Note for 2008: Take out the camera during the good times and remember them!

Happy New Year.


Watson Family said...

Vilken tur att det finns painkillers, en dag som Nyårsafton!
Men jag hoppas att du får styr på dig igen, med god hjälp från någon som förstår och inte avspisar dig med dumheter!
Många, många kramar - MrsW

Mia said...

Tack vannen, vad du e snall som uppmuntrar mig!

O har tagit ledigt 3 dagar nu, sa vi har tid att jaga ratt pa en bihalekirurg. Jag hoppas pa att en dunderpenicillinkur kan gora tillfalliga trick och sa jag kommer pa benen igen och sen far vi ta det langsiktiga nan annan gang.

*hoppas jag*