Saturday, 1 December 2007

Phase 1 our of 3 is finished

Just as we thought we had our hands full for the coming week, we received a note from our landlord (who, we've been told never EVER sets his foot in this town, because he lives abroad and has even become a citizen of his new country, but against all odds, or should I say in line with all other luck we have, he has now decided to honor us and his property for an informal visit.

We, still not settled in our new home, have been thanking our lucky star for at least getting the IKEA bit sorted last week, so we have some sort or storage to hide most of our stuff in (well, I just realized we don't have the actual doors to the wardrobes, but at least we can hang or clothes where they are supposed to be instead of doorways... He is coming on Monday and we have now finished phase 1 of our 3phased organizational operation.

To really make the day worth remembering, my stubborn cold decided to place itself in my airways, so anything dusty has sent me into a frenzy of coughing, so O placed me in front of the computer (no, he actually told me to go to bed, but I refused, thinking I could at least work while coughing) and the rest of the family have been busy with their screw drivers.
The highlight of the day was Julkalendern (the Swedish Christmas (Yule) Calendar), which is a children's program that runs throughout December with start 1st and up to Christmas and started today on svt. J wasn't that interested, but C liked it a lot and I was also happy, because Santa Clause himself was played by no one else but my favorite "dad from Svensson, Svensson", which I told you about the other day.

The biggest sigh of relief this week: When sending C to school yesterday morning, I just had a hunch to check the school bag over and am I lucky I did! J had helped me packing Cs homework the evening before and she must have continued when I considered us finished and in Cs plastic homework sheet, was a piece of paper, a Parking Penalty..


Lillie dAmour said...

Skickar en bunt av varma vindar och som tar bort förkylningar!
Det lâter som en fullbokad helg.
Hoppas att Ni har det underbart där uppe! Jag blir sâ nyfiken pâ hur ni har det.

Mia said...

Tack, O har bokat om sin resa i morgon, så han kan ta C till skolan i morgon, jag måste få lite vila lite.

Du e hjärtligt välkommen att komma och titta. Det skulle vara jättemysigt om du kom.