Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Dream on..

For years I have been dreaming about beautiful chunky furniture. At first for our dining area in our house 4years ago, then my dreams have spread to include bedroom furniture. We have some old furniture, which O's parents bought at auction before we met and these are still my all time favorite. But we always end up not having enough money or time and go to IKEA.

So after 4months of having all our clothes in vinyl bags lined against the wall, I threw in the towel once again and we set off for IKEA on Monday evening. For less than one really nice piece of furniture, we will now be kitting out our bedroom with wardrobes and 2 chest of drawers and bedside tables. In the new Hemnes collection:

I felt a bit defeated at first, but now I am more excited about it, mostly the part where we will get organized, once and for all!

However, shopping at IKEA is not exactly as straight forward as one would hope (although being a Swedish fan, I realize it has it's flaws.. :) ). The wardrobe doors were out of stock, so we are only getting the frames this week, the wider hemnes chest of drawers were out as well, or actually. While O and the children tried out the carousels outside I did some shopping indoors and when I came to isle 8 location 18 and realized there was only one box left, that's when I, out of pure desperation, went Hulk. I managed somehow to get this monstrously heavy box onto the shopping trolley only to realize at checkout that it was only 1 out of 2 boxes that was left.. *grrr*

Bedside tables were sold out as well, so we have to go back next week. But, we did get the wardrobes and the chest of drawers above. It is now standing flat packed in our hallway waiting to get unpacked as soon as O comes home (I am trying to strain myself from doing it on my own!)

Comment of the day: C was amazed by the City Christmas Lights while we drove past them. He said: "Now it's Christmas, all the lights in the world is shining. They are saying: Trust me".


O said...

Iiiiiih, I can't wait to get home quickly enough having loads of flat packs to mend. oh, what's that? yes, boss sure I can work late this week. no probs at all!! Can I do the weekend too, please? :)

Mia said...

C and J is already waiting with their tools. :)

chrille said...

O! sounds like you'll be having fun. I remeber last christmas like it was yesterday.... an the feeling when the last piece of furniture was assembled. :)

By the way... I'm very, very, very proud of myself today! I had my first official conversation completely in French!! Wooohooo!!! It was regarding the renewal of my car insurance. I sent in a check for a bit more than a month ago, but my account has not been debited. So I called them up, explained the problem, and managed to pay by credit card instead. ...or at least that's what I think happened. ;-)

Not sure if you've heard the latest news. Eva got accepted for a 5 month internship at the European Court (I think that's what it's called in English) in Luxembourg, starting in March. Something quite exclusive and VERY difficult to get accepted to. My 6 month golfing/skiing/sailing holiday is looking more likely by the day. ;-)


Mia said...

I am copying O: "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih"!!! How cool is that!!! Give her my best!!

Hajjar du den eller!! Wow!

Very impressed by your French conversation skills, I have to come down to hear myself after Christmas.

Bring your skates for Christmas, both the central park and IKEA got ice rinks!

O said...

woohoo!! congrats to Eve!! oh, this is a good one. Do you know how Eva / Eve got her name from God? Well, he got the bits and bobs togehter and created the woman. stunned by the beautiful creature he uttered: "Eh, va?!", which then became her name. Quickly realising the potential, he started on another one. The second male creature didn't came with all the fabulous attributes of the female ditto so in his frustration he uttered "Ah, damn!!" I slowly start to realise that the story isn't very funny in english, or in swedish for that matter. I'll think of another one!

Ah, here's one:
-What does Pricilla Presley and a bakerman without tools have in common?
-They both miss ElvisP!!

What? what!!!?

Mia said...

*fniss* Jag tyckte den med elvispen var kul! Men den med Eva hade en klar poäng den med :)

Larssons said...

Love your new furniture! Although I also love putting the stuff together as well so there is now chance that I would have the flat boxes just standing there:)

Love the eh,va-story as well O. Will tell it to H at dinner tonight.

chrille said...


The ElvisP one is true class... I think I'll try it the French people here... in english.... not sure if the joke would get lost in translation.

swedish chekchouka said...

Vilken ameriakansk kommentar, som tagen ur en klämkäck familjefilm... trust me... Dâ är du säkert en sân fantastisk mamma som finns i de filmerna med! En annan unge hade direkt börjat tjata om klappar eller sagt att fröken i skolan sagt att det är dumt att slösa med elektricitet pâ juldekorationtrams när isen smäter i nordpolen...
Skruva pâ nu, he he he, det ser väldigt snyggt ut!

Mia said...


Jag har satt upp för många IKEA garderober för många gånger för att inte kunna hålla mig. Närmare bestämt 5 dubbelgarderober och 6 byråer vid varje flytt. Utan O...

swedish chekchouka:
Ah, du menar jag e en plastig amerikansk mamma? ;) *I wish* Jag tycker det var en söt tolkning och du har rätt jag skulle i alla fall inte påpekat hur mycket ström de drar. *fniss*