Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Food Box Delivery

We have started a new trend in our family. Whenever someone is about to get a seriously high temperature, we always wait until O has left for the Big City. Only to give my own life a little extra twist..

2w ago it was J with her MMR jab, last week I had the honor of driving back and forth to school with a high temperature myself, not to mention getting dinner on table and children in bed.

This week it was Cs turn. O was to leave at 5am yesterday and a couple of hours before that a very sad little boy came to our bed. He had really high temperature yesterday, only easing a little bit with Calpol, so now, day 2 I am completely drained. *anyone heard that before?*

The only hope for a bit of excitement was the luxurious food box O bought at the School Christmas Fair this weekend.

When O received the phone call regarding the delivery yesterday, he phoned them back and asked if they could come another day. On their answering machine. They had given us a slot between 5 and 6pm and at 7 I realized that no one would probably come, so I jumped in my PJ and put my hair in a very non-flattering ponytail *not that I am bragging about my hairstyle to begin with..*

At 8 the "delivery man" arrived. And off course it wasn't the delivery man, but the owner of the company, which O had bought the box from in the first place at the School Christmas Fair. He was very friendly and I realized, standing there in my PJ, trying to keep the door from flinging up *J was pulling it* and expose our collection of boxes still present in our hallway *which also are serving the purpose of coat hanger, mail collection and things we don't want J to reach in a hurry..*

I seriously think that the sight of me with our hallway mess as a backdrop would have been more than this guy could bare!

Anyway, then and there I realized that this was actually one of the parents of the kids at Cs school. *gaaah* He looked as if he wanted some ooohs and aaaahs of the content of the box, but I quickly wrote him a cheque and closed the door on him.

Afterwards I've been in agony. I just want to send him a note saying:

"Thank you for the lovely food box, we are very happy with all the products and will definitely use your service again."

PS. We apologize for our ugly old mannerless aunt, who was present at time of delivery.


Dosiss said...

What?! So you're NOT all fixed up in the morning (like in any american movie).
I went to work this morning and when I had left the kids at school it suddenly struck me; I had forgotten to brush my teeth.

Mia said...

*I wish* It was 8 in the evening! ;)

So, evidently NEVER fixed up. Oh, I forgot, tomorrow I am going to the optician, very big outing for me so I might actually jump out of my sweat pants.. :)