Tuesday, 13 November 2007

All you need

I have been thinking for days now: I'll give it one more day and then my head will clear. It all started with a cold 6weeks ago and it never quite went away and now I have this second wave, which seems to have put cotton wool in my head.

I am spending most of the hours of the day just to get through to the evening without too many mishaps. Get children up (Well, that particular part is not exactly hard, they both jump out of bed before my alarm clock goes off), but you know, back and forth to school, dinner on the table, clean clothes... This is more than my head will take at the moment, but as most workathomemums I am not allowed to just drop everything in favor for the bed, so I am dating Mr Lemsip.

Big times.

Speaking of alarm clocks, the weirdest thing happened to me this morning. It was actually the first time we set the alarm clock since moving up here..what's it called in English?.., in Swedish it's "Clock Radio". An alarm clock which is also a radio.

Anyway, I managed to hit the "buzz me again in 5" without any problems, but after a couple of rounds with doing that I realized that I had to get up, so I managed to half sit up and I tilted the "Clock Radio" a bit to be able to reach the little fiddly buttons at the back, which off course, one of which is the one to turn off the whole thing. I accidentally managed to turn on the radio and what instantly hit me was that, it was the Swedish Radio! Loud and clear, crisply tuned in when I had the radio tilted. If it stood up straight, it was something local, but tilted, I could listen to a very bored dietrician informing all the Swedish radio listeners trying to build up some stamina to get out of bed, of the danger of eating the wrong thing (I cannot remember what it was), but it was very bad for you!

It was a weird feeling stumbling on a Swedish Radio station like that, by mistake, but it reminds me of our northern latitude. Not to far away.

At school, I have now managed to let C wear trousers on breaks *yeayh*!! All of you out there who are told "you can't change that, don't make a stir!"


Now my son don't have to freeze his knees off, I don't care if they think I am strange. He is warm. I'll bet that other mums will follow.


Larssons said...

Mr Lemsip är en räddare i nöden. Han har följt med mig ända hit till US.
Jag räknar ner timmarna till H är tillbaka från NY, 35 kvar....

Bra gjort ang byxorna! Du kan ändra världen om du vill.

O said...

Dating Mr WHO, exactly?! How long has this been going on?? Here I am, in a country far, far away, working long and hard for getting food to my family and THIS is how you thank me! I'mnot sure if this is acceptable but I will have to think it over at the pub tonight and draw up a plan when I'm back at the piano bar at the hotel. Dating strangers as soon as I turn my back... bah!

Bra jobbat med byxorna, alsklingen!! Men tank pa att det egentligen bara var de storre barnen som far ha langbyxor, eftersom de leker i graset och sa. ha ha, jaja..

Mia said...


Hoppas han köpt något riktigt fint till dig!

Puss! Nu ska jag ramla ihop i en liten hög, ringer du i morgon bitti?

Lillie dAmour said...

Den största kramen.
Vad är Mr Lemsip?
Hoppas att du mâr bättre.

Anonymous said...

Krya på dig! Jag förstår av kommentarerna att det tydligen är short som gäller för barnen där ni bor?

Ha det bra!


Mia said...


Tack! Mr Lemzip e ju med på bild och allt! 1000g paracetamol med lite citronsmak, typ.

Bättre idag, men jobbar istället, så jag misstänker att det är downhill i morgon igen.

Ha det så härligt i Stockholm!

Det stämmer alldeles utmärkt och jag blev rätt så shockad när jag insåg detta. Numer klär dock fröken glatt på honom ett par fodrade manchesterbyxor på rasterna och framöver kommer det bli skolans egna fleeceträningsoverall, så jag e nöjd för tillfället. :)

Trevlig helg!